What Makes Rudy El Patronn Treminio Successful and Unique as an Entrepreneur

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / Rudy Treminio is an entrepreneur and business owner who is self-taught in all aspects of his business. He has businesses in the automotive industry, social media marketing, and personal branding as well as being the CEO of an app. Rudy made the decision to start his own business 3 years ago when he found a passion for the social media business and saw a huge opportunity ahead. He wanted to take his game to the next level when no one else in his field was brave enough to do it. Rudy has worked hard to build trust and credibility in the industry, and it is evident that it worked because he is very well-known.

One of the biggest obstacles Rudy has faced thus far is overcoming alcoholism. He expands on this experience by saying “I feel like we all have some sort of addiction. In order to overcome it you have to admit that there is a problem. Once you face your demons head on you have become a stronger version of yourself.” Fear to Rudy Treminio is a crutch. He views fear as the only thing standing in your way of success. “The only reason any entrepreneur is scared to first start out is because they are afraid of failure. The way to look at it is how would you know what you are good at or the potential of an idea if you do not take the leap of faith and face your fears.”

Something that is important to add to Rudy’s story is that he recently wrote a book called “Game Changer” to share his story with the goal that people in a similar position learn from his mistakes and take his advice on how to succeed. Rudy learned something different about himself & the industry through each chapter of his entrepreneurial journey and his book is a blueprint for any business that wants to be successful.

Rudy Treminio’s advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to determine your strengths and weaknesses, find your niche, work on your personal brand, and focus on the things you are good at. He stresses the importance of being persistent on your goals because all good things take time and success will come. What makes Rudy unique as an entrepreneur is that he defied all odds against him being an immigrant with no education, incarcerated with nothing in his favor, and used this as his strength and motivation to be better.

Through Rudy’s unbreakable mindset and motivation, he took all of the negatives in his life and turned them into positives. He made sure he was the hardest worker in every room and made a name for himself in the car industry through his personal branding. As for what is next for Rudy Treminio, he is working towards becoming the #1 Chevy dealership in all of NYC, starting his own auto group, and publishing his second book! To follow along with his journey and future endeavors, click here.

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