WIMI Hologram AR’s 5G Digital Optical Field Chips Brings Affordable Holographic Phones Into Reality

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / Recently, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) announced that it will set up a joint venture to conduct business in the semiconductor market. With the advent of 5G era, the holographic mobile phone era is coming. It is understood that currently has launched the synchronous “holographic application open platform” and the global synchronous recruitment of holographic application partners in order to build a holographic phone complete industrial ecological environment. Besides, the chip developed by the company is also expected to be used in TV sets, smart watches and other products to realize the future life of 3D holographic projection.

The words cell phone and hologram are often combined to conduce a lofty association, and holographic phones make people sound exciting. Holographic mobile phone is an innovative handheld terminal using CGH display technology. The holographic technique here refers to the technique of recording and reproducing all the real 3d image information of the object by special technical means. Holographic mobile phones have been mentioned frequently since 2014, but due to many factors such as technology and materials, they have not made great progress. What was once possible only in a dream or science fiction movie is now here!

Time has changed. The WIMI team, as the first holographic AR in the world, has created the third-generation 6D optical field holographic technology products through years of original research and development, with an imitation of up to 98%. WIMI has signed strategic alliances with relevant enterprises, and the scope of cooperation involves film and television, media, games, children’s education, animation, hardware and so on. It mainly involves the establishment of joint ventures, AR INTELLECTUAL property IP, holographic intellectual property IP and holographic entertainment content IP cooperation, as well as various commercial resource sharing and so on. WIMI Hologram will form hundreds of patent protection according to its own 295 related patents, and ensure that users can experience the latest and most advanced holographic AR high simulation digital product experience at the international level through strict patent protection means and technical confidentiality. At present, WIMI mainly focuses its business application scenarios in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, lightfield cinema, performing arts system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

If you still think that holographic projection is far away from you, in fact, In 2013, Taiwan pop star Jay Chou used holographic projection technology to perform a cross-air duet with the late Singer Teresa Teng. The image was shocking. Japanese virtual idol Hatsune Miku and a performance at the BBAMS music festival featuring the late Michael Jackson are also relying on the technology, which has won praise.

Holographic Display, also called virtual imaging, is the use of interference and diffraction principles to record and recreate a realistic three-dimensional image of an object. It can not only produce three-dimensional aerial illusion, but also make the illusion interact with the performer to complete the performance together, and produce shocking performance effect. The motion-sensing interactive system can integrate sports and entertainment into your life. Operators can control the system through their own limbs, and interact with Internet players to share pictures, videos and audio information.

It’s a familiar form of technology, and the use of holographic projections is ubiquitous in Marvel movies. For example, the holographic projection and touch technology iron Man USES to design his armor in his studio makes the back of his head look awesome. For example, in Thor: Ragnarok, takahata appears as a holographic projection at the opening of the arena, very avant-garde! For example, Tony USES holographic projection technology to say goodbye to his daughter at the end of Avengers 4.

Holographic technology is common in science fiction film, whether it’s “Star Wars”, “iron man”, or “avatar”, in which there is no shortage of the concept of the holographic projection, such as similar to a small mobile equipment casting call object three-dimensional graphics, proportion of the body or a 360 – degree of impending 3 d graphics, and even can be operated directly by gestures. With the rapid development of holographic projection technology, it has been interwoven with many disciplines to form different fields of technology, and widely used in cultural education, stage effect and literary creation.

However, in real life, holographic technology is also constantly developing and progressing. Next up is the use of holographic technology on mobile phones. Mobile phone is very popular now, everyone has a smartphone, and the emergence of “holographic mobile phone” will overturn the entire mobile phone industry, or even change the entire era.

First, through the phone’s proprietary hardware and software, the phone should be able to achieve a full “light-field hologram” effect on the LCD screen, that is, to see three-dimensional objects on the phone’s screen. Simply put, according to the different viewing positions of users, specific 3D rendering and sense of surfacing can be achieved to make objects more real. What’s more, users will be able to manipulate 3D images with gestures. Sounds fun, right? It feels like I can play all day. Anyway, it’s pretty cool.

WIMI holographic technology, holographic technology is simply through AR, let the audience can watch the holographic characters or open hole in the real scene of real reduction, simulation is as high as 98% above, immersive, micro user experience can be described with stunning beauty holographic patterns, the combination of the holographic technology and entertainment viewer can become a character in the movie/stage, involved in the film/stage pre-made environment and plot, let the viewer, as it were, feel oneself is a member of a movie/stage viewer is the main character in the movie or a part of it, and continue to interact with content to produce films/stage.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has intensified its efforts in semiconductor business. On the one hand, the application demand of the semiconductor industry in the field of holographic 3D vision has been growing rapidly. On the other hand, it will help the company extend the holographic 3D vision software field from the application layer down to the chip field, and through the strategic direction of combining soft and hard holographic 3D vision software solution, namely, the strategic derivative upgrade to the semiconductor field. WIMI deep in the field of holographic 3 d visual software technology accumulation, with hundreds of related patents and software copyright, so in the direction of semiconductor business extends, and the future is proposed by integrating companies core technology advantages of IC design companies, or with the current chip factory set up a technology research and development with strong proxy technology joint venture company, to implement the supply chain upstream of the semiconductor research and development design, technical services, marketing, etc.

According to public data, China’s chip imports exceeded 2 trillion yuan in 2018, which is to some extent a wake-up call for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers. Under the circumstance that all parties in the industry are making active efforts to reduce the import intensity, despite the difficulties, with these new participants, the discourse power of 5G in China has become increasingly heavy.

5G, he is a kind of high-speed Internet communication technology, so it can make real-time data transmission, 5G + hologram by 5G technology real-time synchronous transmission hologram, break the limitation of physical space distance, real-time synchronous remote transmission, let everybody can to the scene of the Spring Festival gala, let every artist can go over to the audience.

The value of 5G’s large bandwidth feature for VR is to watch panoramic video with a resolution of more than 5K online, which is of little value for AR at the present stage. The value of 5G low delay characteristics by cloud gaming technology improve image quality, at the same time help cloud gaming technology to reduce the network delay, make the cloud gaming technology scheme of VR/AR products “movement to imaging delay” to achieve within the line of 20 milliseconds (” the network time delay “is part of the” campaign to imaging delay “). The low latency of 5G does not directly help reduce the “motion-to-imaging latency” of current VR/AR products.

5G is the darling of the public opinion field. It can be predicted that every link in the ecological chain is not willing to miss this wave of dividend. Holographic display technology allows users to see virtual objects in three dimensions. Instead of using digital technology, projection devices project images from different angles onto the top of the screen to form a three-dimensional image. In this sense, this revolutionary solution really has the potential to go beyond the current naked eye holographic technology and take mobile display technology to the next level. The future has come, the technology is advancing, maybe soon we can use super cool holographic smart phones, with super artificial intelligence features, let us in the operation of more intelligent.

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