Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTC Markets: “ATHC”) Begins Contactless Thermal Scanner Pilot Program With One of New York’s Largest Commissary Kitchens, Property Management Firms and Recreational Facilities in Nassau County

ATHC has begun a contactless thermal scanner pilot program targeting local retailers, hospitality, restaurants and commissary kitchens and other meal prep providers as well as recreational facilities and NYC’s premiere property management firms

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2020 /  Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTC PINK:ATHC) begins contactless thermal scanner pilot program with one of New York City’s largest commissary kitchens in an effort to assist food prep providers with added internal controls and enhanced peace of mind for their customers.

As part of this program the ATHC completed installations for a commissary kitchen which supplies semi-finished and finished products to approximately 30 of its retail locations. Additionally, installations have been completed for one of the oldest Property Management firms in NYC and a township recreational facility in Nassau County.

ATHC is taking initiative in the new potentially mandated standards for safe reopening’s and for ongoing operations. The Company believes businesses and municipalities will look to expand this program for the safety of employees, customers and visitors.

Contactless Thermal Scanners automatically detect and trigger an alarm, with or without facemask and identify visitors via facial recognition, upon scanning the target’s temperature. Its efficiency and accuracy will significantly reduce exposure to the viruses while following the physical distancing regulation protecting visitors, workers and customers.

We are examining options to complete integrations between ATHC’s business processing systems which include revenue growth, payment solutions, autonomous marketing, operational efficiency systems, BI and analytics and the next generation of thermal scanning utilization.

“We understand that a significant component in returning to the workplace. Customer and employee confidence will depend on how businesses implement health safety controls and the ability to provide transparencies of these controls to their visitors, customers and staff. To prevent the spreading of Covid, this is even more critical within the food preparation industry. As part of our initiative, we will look to expand this equipment to gain controls in our efforts to assist in gaining a foot hold on this pandemic” said Alex Lemberg; President of Accelerated Technologies Holdings Corp.

The thermal scanners distribution are part of an ongoing partnership between ATHC and Canadian based BeMotion Inc.

“As we continue to discuss additional North American opportunities with ATHC, we are pleased with the speed of distribution of the DUO 32 thermal temperature scanners by Accelerated Technologies and their team. The strategic placement of the DUO 32 within the commissary kitchen environments, recreational facilities and well-established property management firms will continue to drive responsible re-opening strategies and management. Said Hussein Abu Hassan. CEO BeMotion

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