BDI on the British Internal Market Bill: “Government losing credibility on a huge scale”

With reference to the parliamentary introduction of the British Internal Market Bill, BDI Director General Joachim Lang says: “The British government is losing credibility on a huge scale.”

  • “With its current course, the British government is losing credibility on a huge scale in the post-Brexit negotiations. There is no getting around the fact that the United Kingdom must fulfil its obligations under the Withdrawal Agreement. Compliance with the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement under international law is essential for arriving at a free trade agreement with the EU.
  • A trade agreement can only be reached with a functioning border regime on the island of Ireland. The EU internal market is the domestic market for our companies and has to continue to function even after Brexit has been completed. It is difficult to understand why the preparations for customs infrastructure on the British side are far from completion less than four months before the end of the transition period.
  • There can be no concessions on fairness in the rules on competition. Particularly with a view to the fickleness of the British government, an agreement with watertight provisions is needed.”

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Source: RealWire

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