Electus Global Education, a Tampa-based ed-tech company retains a seasoned chief executive to lead the company, and launch its ground-breaking education technologies

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Electus Global Education Co, the creator of the ground-breaking Life Hub Learning System as well as online distance learning solutions for K-12 students announces the appointment of Jodie Fisher, a seasoned financial and technology executive, as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Jodie will be responsible for leading the company and launching Life Hub Online this fall, a powerful online platform that empowers children to manage school classwork as well as learn financial capability, entrepreneurship, leadership, and life skills that prepare them today for economic opportunities tomorrow. The company also plans to launch its much-anticipated Life Hub Learning System in 2021, empowering younger children to learn financial, entrepreneurship and life management skills using a home-based A.I.-powered integrated computer system. Children ignite their spirit to learn while empowering themselves to develop next-generation skills for success in our rapidly evolving world.

Empowering every child to lead in their community and reach economic independence through effective experiential learning environments and experiences that help them develop vital financial, entrepreneurship, leadership, and life skills is at the center of the company’s mission. Jodie’s expertise in the areas of finance and technology will have a meaningful impact on the organization as well as the children and families we serve in both fortunate and disadvantaged communities. Her experiences and success in building performance oriented teams, commitment to digital transformation, passion for social causes, and customer-first approach makes her an exceptional fit to lead the company to deliver world-class learning experiences to children in the US and across the globe.

“Our unique technology was designed for financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership and life management skills for children, but given the unprecedented worldwide paradigm shift from school-based education to home-based online learning, we are expanding our flagship technology to incorporate K-12 live classroom, interactive homework, and parent performance tracking that otherwise would have normally been provided by schools” she said.

“This gives us an extraordinary opportunity to serve as a leading-edge learning platform that consolidates all school-based and family inspired education in an intuitively easy and secure environment students are excited to use. We intend to aggressively capitalize on this global shift in education.” Jodie Fisher said.

Against the backdrop of the current social and economic instabilities in the US and around the world, it’s more important than ever our youth are provided with effective, high-quality, hands-on learning environments that empower them to form proper behaviors and build skills in money management and entrepreneurship while developing confidence, self-sufficiency and creativity,” said Fisher. “As a life-long advocate for innovation in technology and education, “I am proud to join the passionate team at Electus Global Education. I look forward to this opportunity to lead an organization that profoundly impacts lives and communities by addressing critical social and economic inequalities and at the same time, supports today’s safe and digital learning demands” continued Fisher.

Jodie spent five years at IBM where she served as a Global Managing Executive building a startup unit focused on developing innovative AI, IoT and SaaS cloud-based solutions, while driving go-to-market strategy and building a global ecosystem of partners and distribution channels to rapidly scale. In addition, she has held critical executive roles as CEO, CFO, COO, and Controller in technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services in both private equity and Fortune 50 companies.

About Electus Global Education Co, Inc.

Electus Global Education Co, Inc. is a technology social enterprise organized to solve the urgent need for effective financial, entrepreneurship and life education for children where current educational methods and technologies have been unsuccessful at achieving the desired results. The company’s advanced educational technologies contribute towards altering the trajectory of financial illiteracy currently plaguing the US and many nations around the world and are positioned to address and combat some of today’s most critical social and economic inequities in educational opportunity, social justice, upward class mobility, and economic empowerment through its globally patented pioneering educational technologies.


SOURCE Electus Global Education Co, Inc.

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