Foshan A&G EXPO, Abrasivestocks Officially Launched the International Grindingshow Online and the English Grinding World E-magazine-connect the World with an International Platform

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2020 / 2020 China International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: A&G EXPO) was held in Foshan from September 3 to September 5. Abrasivestocks ( opened the international edition of Grindingshow Online and the English edition of Electronic Grinding E-magazine at this exhibition.

At 10: 08 a.m. on September 3rd, the micro-movie “Eighty Thousand Miles” started its premiere and was broadcast live. The film tells the spectacular exhibition of grinding enterprises, and also tells the hardships behind the exhibition. It includes preparation before the exhibition, transportation of large exhibits, travel arrangement of personnel … All these consume the manpower, material resources and financial resources of the enterprise. At last, the film shared the solution given by Abrasivestocks, and launched the international edition of Grindingshow Online, which allowed the personnel of grinding enterprises to use their mobile phones to participate in the exhibition at any time. The film attracted many exhibitors to watch it carefully, and everyone said that the film accurately described the pain spots of enterprises.

After the movie, Yang Heng, CEO of Abrasivestocks, told everyone the meaning of the name of the movie “Eighty Thousand Miles”. Yang Heng said that 80,000 is the exhibition fee officially released by the international version of Abrasivestocks at the Grinding Exhibition in Augsburg, Germany on March 14, 2018, and it is also the mileage of automobiles after the establishment of the enterprise for two and a half years. “80,000” represents the hard work and experience of enterprises. Abrasivestocks has been on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of realizing dreams.

During the live broadcast, Abrasivestocks officially launched the English version of Grindingshow Online and the English version of the electronic “Grinding World” E-magazine

The launch of the English version of Grindingshow Online is the beginning of its true internationalization. Let Chinese grinding enterprises settle in, and let more overseas grinding enterprises settle in, thus bringing more exchanges. Let Chinese enterprises go out; Let overseas enterprises come in. Truly achieve the global reach of Grindingshow Online.

  • Price advantage: The daily cost is only tens of yuan
  • Time advantage, 365 days online
  • Geographical advantages: Use the mobile phone to participate and watch exhibitions anytime, anywhere
  • Strong information interaction: Visitors can accurately search for target enterprises and communicate instantly; Exhibitors can have more time to get target customers
  • Rich in content: In addition to introducing enterprises and displaying products, you can also go directly to enterprises, visit factories with one click, exchange business cards with one click, and call the person in charge with one click
  • Accuracy of visitors: All of them are the upper, middle and lower reaches of the grinding industry and supporting enterprises

Grindingshow Online currently has 40 grinding enterprises, ranging from raw materials to products to equipment and accessories. More enterprises will settle in the future. Moving exhibitions to the Internet can better supplement the shortcomings and shortcomings of offline exhibitions, and make the upcoming 5G speed really help Chinese grinding enterprises.

Grinding World E-magazine has a history of 15 years. Since the formal merger of Abrasivestocks and China abrasive in February this year, it has basically completed all the revision of the e-magazine until today. Following the launch of the Chinese e-magazine, the English version of Grinding World was officially launched and released to global users through the Internet, so that more overseas counterparts and buyers can remember China’s excellent grinding enterprises, thus opening a channel for Chinese grinding enterprises to build international brands.

From Chinese to English, from offline to online, Abrasivestocks not only shows more Chinese grinding enterprises to overseas enterprises, but also facilitates more overseas grinding enterprises to settle in the international platform. Grindingshow Online and English magazines truly connect with the world.

In order to make a good interaction between online and offline, during the exhibition, Abrasivestocks introduced the situation of the exhibition and exhibitors in the form of live broadcast through the live broadcast platform, helping exhibitors to expand publicity channels through the Internet, and also providing convenience for enterprises that cannot come to the exhibition.

In addition to online products, Abrasivestocks also introduced the foreign trade custody services of enterprises at this exhibition. At present, Abrasivestocks has reached extensive cooperation with many customers such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain and India, which is convenient for enterprises to explore overseas markets. Abrasivestocks can provide all-round services for enterprises planning to enter overseas markets.

Not only have new projects been launched, but at the exhibition, Yang Heng, CEO of Abrasivestocks, announced that the Guangdong branch of Abrasivestocks was formally established. The establishment of the branch will bring more convenience to customers in Guangdong. At this point, Zhengzhou covers the Central Plains and the northern market, and Guangzhou covers the southern market. Abrasivestocks will bring more intimate services to the grinding industry. At the same time, it is also the advance layout of Abrasivestocks’ localized warehouse brand marketing for overseas markets.

Likewise, Abrasivestocks’ export custody and warehouse operation mode strengthen the idea of helping grinding enterprises to do brand operation. It guides and helps enterprises, starting with details and paying attention to brand building, not just product sales. Export custody projects, product warehousing and localized marketing must be based on the independent brands of grinding production enterprises, so as to truly let brands enter the market, not just homogeneous products enter the market.

Mr. Wu Jianming, strategic partner of Abrasivestocks and chairman of Jiangsu Miyou Powder New Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a famous Chinese brand of airflow crushing, entered the live broadcast hall. He introduced the new advanced equipment developed by Miyou Equipment for high-quality powder crushing and grading to Chinese ultrafine powder production enterprises. Mr. Wu Jianming said confidently that Miyou equipment is the differentiated hardware of your enterprise. In order to make high-purity abrasive micropowder, improve production efficiency and rest assured of production, enterprises will choose Miyou equipment. The cooperation between Miyou Equipment and Abrasivestocks is also an important step for Miyou Group to launch international brand marketing.

At the same time, A&G EXPO held a seminar on high-quality development of abrasive and abrasive tools industry. Yang Heng, CEO of Abrasivestocks, gave a keynote speech on “How to Realize the Real Internationalization of Chinese Grinding Brands”.

Yang Heng said that there is no shortage of grinding enterprises in China, and it leads the global enterprises in terms of output and quantity. However, China lacks strong international grinding brands of big and small scales. Building a truly international brand must be based on one point that Mr. Li Zhengxin has repeatedly emphasized to everyone, that is, strengthening high-quality development with technological innovation, focusing on selling points of enterprises and products, and paying attention to brand building of enterprises with an international way of thinking, not just product sales. In the homogeneous competitive environment, the layout should be made as early as possible. This also reminds enterprises to pay attention to intellectual property protection. Let the brand of the enterprise appear in the target market, not just the undifferentiated products. Yang Heng said that Chinese enterprises should learn from the world’s excellent grinding brands such as SAINT-GOBAIN and 3M. Some famous Chinese enterprises with the potential to become international grinding brands, such as WHITE DOVE, CAEC, ELE, SAWA and JLD. As long as the thinking is correct and the goal of international brand building is firmly developed, Chinese enterprises will have the opportunity to make a truly international grinding brand.

Yang Heng analyzed the international layout of the organizer A&G EXPO, and suggested that A&G EXPO should be promoted overseas and more overseas advanced enterprises should enter the Chinese exhibition area. Because the world grinding field cannot be separated from Chinese grinding, Chinese grinding also needs world grinding.

Finally, Yang Heng shared the international brand road of Abrasivestocks with two and a half years’ entrepreneurial experience.

The layout of Abrasivestocks, China Grinding, Grindingshow Online and the international edition of Grinding World E-magazine has only one goal, that is, to let more Chinese grinding enterprises go out and more overseas grinding enterprises come in. Let the world realize that there are more and more international Chinese grinding brands on the way.

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