How BH Cosmetics Took its Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Inclusive Products Global with the Help of Cloud ERP Solutions Provider Techcloudpro and WMS Provider Avectous

Techcloudpro’s Business Connectors unleashed the power of the BH Cosmetics system, linking NetSuite ERP system with new partner Avectous’ WMS, enabling supply chain automation

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CRM–When the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company BH Cosmetics wanted to take its inclusive product line global, they knew the challenge involved in scaling to become a mass supplier globally, at a competitive price, and providing the same customer experience across geographies. They knew having the right backbone for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was essential for a robust and agile supply chain and called on Cloud ERP solutions provider Techcloudpro. Techcloudpro is a fast-growing enterprise solutions provider, a certified Oracle NetSuite Gold Partner, and a business partner with Avectous Integrated Software, which supplies a proprietary software Warehouse Management System (WMS).

In a world where the digital touchpoints are becoming a larger part of the customer buying experience and almost instant gratification is an expectation, a digitized supply chain is a critical part of the business, and the key ingredient in the business delivery mix is the Cloud, which ushers in automation. Techcloudpro was instrumental in optimizing business workflows within Oracle NetSuite, the Cloud ERP platform that BH Cosmetics had implemented to meet its business growth aspirations. Avectous provided the WMS that delivers functionality in fulfillment and marketplace management software at an affordable price. But, to make automation of the value chain complete, the Avectous WMS had to be completely integrated with the NetSuite ERP and Shopify Plus, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Techcloudpro built the completely customizable, bi-directional, Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered business connectors, SuiteSpotsTM, that effectively integrated and automated the ERP, CRM, and WMS systems crucial to a having an agile supply chain.

“Being a preference rather than an option requires a resonant brand purpose, product quality and range, competitive pricing, accessibility, and a consistent customer experience,” said Yannis Rodocanachi, CEO of BH Cosmetics. “But, good backbone technology is at the center of every company. Techcloudpro’s SuiteSpots connectors were the missing piece to unleash the power of our system, supporting our need to scale in both product diversification and geographical expansion, to be responsive to changing market dynamics, consumer preferences and buying behavior.”

The SuiteSpotsproprietary Business Connectors enable supply chain automation and better visibility into inventory and raw materials, allowing for real-time auto-syncing of product stocks, orders, inventory, and billing and tax data. Incoming orders are tracked, shipping commitments are managed and met. The number one reason for product returns is damage incurred in shipping. SuiteSpots’ AI-based, least-cost shipping feature helps streamline packaging options based on product type, size, and delivery routine. This allows control over damage of goods and reduces packaging costs. Due to its Open API, the application can be integrated with any ecommerce platform’s Return Merchandise Authorization application to ensure that refunds, cancellations, and returns are handled properly. A customizable dashboard allows monitoring and error handling. For additional information on SuiteSpots, click here:

“Being a technology partner that can bring in innovation that enables an honest enterprise like BH Cosmetics to scale its business globally is an exciting endeavor,” said Jithesh Manoharan, CEO of Techcloudpro and parent company Vibing World, Inc. “BH Cosmetics is well-positioned to pursue a festive holiday season.”

“We are honored to have been chosen by BH Cosmetics to Implement our proprietary Avectous WMS to manage their domestic and global direct-to-consumer business,” said Bob Davidson, Vice President of Sales and Partner Relations, Avectous. “We thoroughly enjoy working closely with BH Cosmetics and their NetSuite implementation partner Techcloudpro to constantly improve the fulfillment processes, increase ROI, and scale their business both domestically and globally.”

Avectous is a SaaS-based provider of cloud-based, fully integrated fulfillment technologies handling all inbound and outbound warehouse operations and order management. Avectous was given an Honorable Mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a mid-tier WMS solution. The company is focused on traditional and online retailers, manufacturers, wholesale, medical and pharmaceutical, grocery, food and beverage, and third-party logistics.

About Techcloudpro

Techcloudpro is a certified Oracle NetSuite Gold Provider, established in 2017 by a team of experienced, certified professionals carrying extensive understanding and know-how of NetSuite functionalities and application requirements across industries. The company has experience selling NetSuite licenses, consulting for NetSuite Cloud solutions, and providing ERP implementation and support. A trusted and reliable NetSuite solutions partner, Techcloudpro is adept at understanding clients’ requirements to implement, optimize, and support their ERP on Cloud. Techcloudpro’s vision is to not only augment their NetSuite practice with innovative products that address gaps in current market offerings but to also diversify their solution suite with other tech services. To this effect, the organization is now working towards including cybersecurity and AI-based products and platforms as a part of their offering.

Techcloudpro is part of the Vibing World group of companies including Vibing Techcloud Solutions (P) Ltd, and Vibing Ticket Inc. The company is currently operating in Canada, India, and the U.S.

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