Huge chance to innovate as online medical services take root, Platform makes name for itself in disease management during pandemic

HONG KONG, Sep 7, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Digital healthcare will play a major role in changing people’s lives and health as the development of internet-based medical care in China grows, said Kuang Ming, CEO of Cloudr.

Founded in 2014, Cloudr is a smart medical service provider engaged in chronic disease management.

From favorable policies to market expansion, Cloudr has witnessed the progress of internet healthcare in China, Kuang said.

Currently, the information revolution has not affected the medical industry and digital technology plays a small part, Kuang said, which signals “a huge opportunity for enterprises to innovate”.

Recently, Cloudr signed a cooperation agreement with Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area to base its operation in the city, according to the company.

That move came after a forum focused on the high-growth Chinese enterprises held in Tianjin.

Cloudr was listed in a research report on the city’s first batch of gazelle enterprises. Gazelle companies are fast-growing and have base revenues of at least $1 million and four years of sustained revenue growth.

In early August, the company was listed in the 2020 China’s top 100 prospective unicorn companies released by China Internet Weekly. A unicorn is a startup valued at more than $1 billion.

As a developing medical innovation company, Cloudr has been dedicated to developing digital medical service products for the industrial chain covering hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmacies.

Focused on using data and internet technology to innovate medical practices, the company has developed a system using data management for chronic diseases in hospitals.

It has proved to be more efficient than previous methods and frees up doctors’ and nurses’ time.

In 2019, the company continued to expand its system service through big data.

When applied to pharmacies, it helps doctors conduct online diagnoses and make prescriptions for patients.

“Big data technology will significantly promote drug research and development to improve data processing and sharing.

“The reform of technology changes the minds not only for patients but also for supervisory and medical practitioners,” Kuang said.

He noted data has become a new resource of production and will play a key role in future medical devices.

To further improve its medical service with data analysis, the company has cooperated with China Electronics Corp to set up a big data center for chronic disease. It aims to increase treatment efficiency by providing information to the medical industry.

“Cloudr has a huge database of chronic diseases and strictly protects patients’ privacy,” Kuang said.

In addition, the company will devote itself to medical innovation and to further improve its services including online physical examination, diagnosis and express delivery, he said.

So far, Cloudr has cooperated with nearly 2,000 hospitals and more than 50,000 pharmacies.

It has provided its services to about 500 million patients with chronic diseases, according to the company.

In 2019, the company saw its revenue reach 1 billion yuan ($145.6 million).

With its advantages in technology, the company has also played its part in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, the company installed its data management system in Wuhan’s temporary Huoshenshan Hospital. It then organized a team with 100 computers for chronic disease management and other materials and sent them to Wuhan.

In addition, it launched platforms for patients’ urgent enquiries. During the pandemic, the company said it received increased online enquiries, almost 15 times as much as the same period last year.

Despite the effects of COVID-19, Cloudr said it had maintained a steady growth throughout its businesses.

The development of connected hospitals helps complement the current medical service, said Lily Wang, product vice-president of the company.

“For internet-based companies like us, we can cooperate with the health management industry with a more open mind, advanced technologies and effective data analysis,” Wang said.

“Relying on the trust of doctors and patients, we can provide more services based on data,” she said.

Cloudr will continue to promote the establishment of industry standards around chronic disease data and cooperate with related forces to build a new environment for the management of chronic diseases through digital services, Wang added.


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