Leading Publisher and CEO Shannon Poshe Anderson Pushes for Diversity and Inclusivity in the Publishing Industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / A lot of people are imposing the question, “What can we do to help right now?” following the political movements that are happening today.

CEO, Shannon Poshe Anderson, responds with her Power of Purpose (P.O.P) Publishing Company. P.O.P was not intended to simply make people feel more comfortable in putting their voices out into the world, but also chauffeurs the publishing industry into diversity and inclusion.

P.O.P Publishing began in 2017, after Anderson published her own book. She did this because she was ready to put her story out there while doing it on her own terms. After gaining a lot of recognition such as speaking gigs, television and radio, people began to ask her how she did it. Anderson finally decided to share her secret by launching her own publishing company, Power of Purpose Publishing. Through P.O.P, Anderson doesn’t only help her clients get the publication they deserve, but also provides them with coaching services and guidance to writing and publishing their books successfully. Though she is running one of the most successful publishing companies in Atlanta right now, this path is not how her story began. Anderson initially worked in a strip club at the age of 14 before she decided to break away from it. She became a video girl and graced the covers of men’s magazines worldwide.

After enduring and overcoming a lot of trauma in her life, Anderson was involved in the fatal car crash that killed her manager. This completely changed her life and that is when she made a change and released her book. “People don’t realize this, but when you have a near-death experience, you just don’t come out the same, and if you do, shame on you,” she said, “I always knew that I had a true calling to help others and that’s when I decided to write my book.” She was devoted to publishing her first book, Stripper to Striver, where she fearlessly wrote about all of her experiences in life, which became an inspiration to others. “It was really just to share my experiences and to reach out to many more people who experienced trauma, sexual abuse, and those who have been neglected as children like me,” she stated. This is not a surprise when it turns out, Anderson’s clients are people who also have had traumatic experiences who wish to share their story and help others to heal as well.

Through P.O.P, Anderson offers self-publishing packages, as well as traditional publishing, one-on-one coaching, and a 90 day Birth Your Book elite program where she works with you hands on for 90 days to get your book written and published. She also specializes in professional book cover design, ISBN registration, formatting, interior design, licensing, copyrights, and distribution to thousands of online retailers. On top of that, for new members, Anderson also offers a free class where they can see what her services are all about, as well as get informative tips to write and publish. What is definitely unique about Anderson’s publishing company is the commitment to make every client feel special and supports them on their journey and growth, while making the experience very personable. Anderson’s roster is filling up, the first off the press is L.A Riots’ hero Booby Green’s new book “The Takeover.” Bobby Green breaks his silence and releases his new book just in time for the 30th year anniversary of Rodney King. Anderson is excited to bring forth more stories relevant to the current climate and giving more black authors a space to be heard.”My client’s success is my success,” states Anderson. “I go all out to ensure that they shine and have the best book possible.”

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Instagram: Instagram.com/iamshannonanderson
Website: PopPublishing.com
Link to Free Class: Loveandliveyourmessage.com/writeinhalfthetime

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