Making People ‘Wear Their Culture’ and Creating an Outlet of Expression for Them Through His E-Commerce Apparel Brand is Justice Jubilee

“Justice Jubilee’s Bucket Culture resonates with the basketball culture with their cleverly designed basketball-themed apparel collection.”

FREEHOLD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / Entering a particular industry and then going on to become an established name in the same is not a cakewalk for any person, it takes a lot to reach a certain status and position in life, especially when it comes to youngsters. However, it must also be noted that youngsters today have gone ahead to become one of most sought-after entrepreneurs in different fields and this has in many ways led to the growth of varied industries of the world; the e-commerce is just one amongst them. Also, what better than having the opportunity to amalgamate two passions together of sport and entrepreneurship and create a common platform that could benefit the customers as well as the entrepreneur? Justice Jubilee is one amongst these entrepreneurs whose pure love for basketball made him pursue his career as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce world, creating a basketball-themed apparel brand called Bucket Culture.

Being a student of computer engineering and juggling between his personal and professional life, Justice Jubilee, a college entrepreneur at only 21 years of age, has in every way possible also brought together people within the basketball community. He has made constant efforts in influencing them to ‘wear their culture’ by choosing the brand as a way to display their love for the sport and promote the basketball culture.

His inclination towards the world of business, made Justice Jubilee come up with the idea of mixing his love for basketball with entrepreneurship and in 2017, he initiated Bucket Culture before he entered his freshman year at Rutgers University. It is a modern basketball-themed apparel brand that has attracted all the bucket-getters and people of all ages in the basketball community. Through their innovatively designed clothing line and other apparel items Justice Jubilee through Bucket Culture has created an outlet of expression for the entire basketball community, using jargons, famous sayings, lingos, etc. that the sports enthusiasts highly resonate with.

The brand has also given gears and has worked along several upcoming basketball influencers; some of them are Liangelo Ball (Lonzo and Lamelo Ball’s brother), Zaire Wade (D-Wayne Wade’s son), and Mearah O’Neal (Shaq O’Neal’s daughter). One of the many reasons that have helped Bucket Culture reach so far in the industry is their unconventional designs and patterns in their offerings of hoodies, t-shirts and other accessories, made to make the customers feel relatable and relevant to the basketball niche.

Justice Jubilee has given basketball players and enthusiasts the chance to represent the Bucket Culture brand, making them wear their culture and getting them closer within the basketball community by offering the highest quality cloth and giving them a soft and fitted look.

Name-Justice Jubilee
Business name-Bucket Culture
Address: Freehold, NJ 07728, United States
Phone number– +1732-770-2644

SOURCE: Bucket Culture

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