Meet Ralph DiBugnara: The Real Estate Guru Who Has Grown Long Term Success By Being Consistent And Competitive

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2020 / Motivated to break the generational struggle, Ralph DiBugnara overcame many challenges to get where he is today. Now, Ralph is a real estate guru and a trusted advisor that knows how to find solutions to leverage the industry. He is a nationally recognized real estate expert, President of Home Qualified, a digital resource for buyers and sellers, and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company. Altogether, Ralph is redefining the role of the banker in today’s buyer-centric real estate market.

Ralph grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His family was not at all wealthy, meaning his father would work multiple jobs and long hours to feed the family. Growing up, this is what Ralph expected life to be, but knew he could work hard to overcome this. His experience seeing how hard his family worked , motivated Ralph not only to build a business for himself, but to build a resilient business.

“I am always prepared to weather the storm. My business survived through the 2008 financial crisis while most other companies closed their doors. This made one thing clear, that I and my team know how to effectively operate through stormy waters – and in the real estate industry, this is a must,” says Ralph.

Ralph has always enjoyed the journey more than the destination, whether it be in athletic training, investing, or starting a business.

“The struggle and growth have always been the enjoyable part for me. Starting a business is the ultimate challenge; having an idea and activating it will challenge you every day. I have failed a lot and that only drives me more to build more business & improve each time,” Ralph explains.

In order to share his knowledge with others, Ralph started his own series, The Real Estate Disruptors, where he interviews guests on investing and property guidance and advice. Ralph aims to create a better environment for market experts who have a need to approach the market differently. In this series, Ralph and his guests talk about different creative financing techniques on his podcast series through wholesaling, flipping, and acquiring rental properties.

“If you are a real estate agent, loan officer, or entrepreneur looking to grow your brand online and figure out how to monetize your social presence then you need to join us at The Real Estate Disruptor. We are maneuvering our way through the next generation of real estate investors and changing the face of the industry when it comes to the millennial generation,” Ralph says.

In order to be at the forefront of the industry, Ralph focuses a great deal on keeping his mind sharp and his mindset clear. To be successful in this business, Ralph stays competitive ans consistent.

“Those are the two traits that I believe have helped me the most in business. To compete everyday not only with other companies for customers, but with myself to improve daily. Consistency is boring to most people, but I believe long term, it is a foolproof way for success, even though it takes a long time. There are no shortcuts to running a business that is profitable and solid, so consistently being competitive and vigilant every day towards your goal is imperative to your success,” Ralph explains.

These two traits are recommended to all of those looking to start their own business, and Ralph further emphasizes that entrepreneurs must be in for the long haul. Success like his doesn’t occur overnight, especially when it’s going to last and whether the storm.

“The path to success in building your business will not be a straight line. There will be changes along the way and you will need to adapt as to not fail. There will also be plenty of failed tasks along the way, the future of your business will depend on how you address those failures and improve from them,” Ralph outlines.

To follow Ralph’s business and future successes, check him out on Instagram, and his businesses at their website for Home Qualified and The Disruptors’ Network.

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