Michael Jenkins’ Masterclass Paves the Way for Financial Freedom

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2020 / Everybody wants to reap the numerous benefits of achieving financial freedom, but very few know the basic tenets that comprise this achievement. Leading finance coach in the foreign exchange market, Michael Jenkins is empowering people toward financial success through his Free Life 101 Masterclass. As a passionate advocate for educated wealth building, he is a firm believer in the importance of getting the proper education first before jumping into the industry.

At a time when every single person in the world is experiencing the disabling effects of the pandemic, in one way or another, everyone is looking for ways to earn an extra income to stabilize their finances in preparation for the future. For Michael Jenkins, however, creating generational wealth is a lot better than merely coming up with a short-term solution to a financial need. Educating people first before they jump into the foreign exchange market is crucial to ensure their future success.

“We primarily focus on helping middle-class parents who are looking for an opportunity to create generational wealth. We understand the lack of lucrative opportunities out there with and without a college education. So we proudly share our experiences with anyone willing to listen, in hopes that we will spark an interest in them to learn more about foreign exchange. The ability to make money from your phone is the most convenient opportunity right now because everyone has one, plus WiFi is everywhere,” Jenkins explains.

With his extensive background in the foreign exchange market, Jenkins has developed several skills over time that equipped him to specialize in risk management, strategy building, and trading plan education. With his Free Life 101 Masterclass, he has successfully guided not just middle-income individuals but even high-income celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, whose net worth is estimated to be over $560 million as of this year.

“I’m all about the money, and the best money multiplies. Learn how to multiply your money with Free Life 101,” Mayweather shares.

Being a reliable resource to all his students and seeing them achieve their financial goals one step at a time by applying what they learned are some of Michael Jenkins’s greatest joys as a financial coach. Witnessing how his masterclass students become more confident as they take on the foreign exchange market brings him great pride as an instructor and mentor. Not only are they earning, but they are also building a formidable future for themselves and their family.

For his students to continue to thrive, Jenkins consistently offers hands-on training, 24/7 support services, and other professional services that guarantee to boost his students’ confidence in working on their future wealth ambitions. Interestingly, using this approach has allowed Jenkins to experience 300% growth in his first nine months and also resulted in retiring more than 250 people.

As Michael Jenkins continues to fan the flame among the people who desire to experience financial freedom and financial stability after a lifetime of money problems, more and more people are reaching their dreams one day at a time.

Learn more about Michael Jenkins and Free Life 101 by visiting this website. Follow Michael’s Instagram account for updates.

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