Millennial VC LIAN Group Is Moving Towards Agrotech and Digital Healthcare

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2020 / “A successful business must be all connecting, it has to be enjoyable and it has to be diverse. Then you can best utilize your innovative instincts”, says Fiorenzo Manganiello & Nessim-Sariel Gaon.

The LIAN Group is not your traditional Venture Capitalist fund. Founded as a private equity firm focusing on disruptive technologies and building a long-term infrastructure for institutional participation in the technology ecosystem, the company is gaining fast recognition.

That is because it is transforming the culture and face of VC investments by seamlessly bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. Headed up by Fiorenzo Manganiello and Nessim-Sariel Gaon, the pair have achieved recognition by implementing an innovative private equity investment model that aligns interests between all stakeholders.

Their in-depth expertise in the technology fields of finance, agriculture, logistics, pharmaceuticals and blockchain in addition to the commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, leisure and travel sectors has allowed them to identify, value and provide opportunities in some niche sectors.

They now have an enviable track record. The company recents investments in the agricultural tech company Indigo, Digital pharmacy company Alto and blockchain digital wallet Curv are unmitigated proof of success.

“To stay relevant in the modern business world, it is essential to have a solid grasp of new technologies,” states Manganiello.

Adding to the statement, Goan said “What’s most important in our way of investing is leveraging our network to create value, forming joint ventures in countries with high entry barrier.”

The Millennial Way of LIAN Group

The LIAN Group has become extremely relevant in less than three years. Founded in 2017, the group now boasts offices in Geneva, Milan, Dubai and London in addition to their headquarters in Luxembourg. So, it’s a young company in more ways than one.

The average age on their payroll is just over 26, the oldest member of staff recently hit the grand old age of 30. There is no mixing experience with youth as its formula for success. It is youth with youth and as, Manganiello, who is also a professor at the Geneva Business School in the fields of venture capital and blockchain explains, that has been a huge factor in the company’s fast growth:

“We are all millennials and we have the millennial way of thinking and the millennial work ethic. We don’t stop. At first you worry that maybe investors and banks might not take you seriously or say that we have a lack of experience, but the opposite has proven to be true. Even the biggest and most traditional Swiss Banks have opened their doors to us.”

Whilst there is little diversity in age, when it comes to cultural diversity, the group fields no less than 15 nationalities, with China, Jordan, Switzerland, Italy, France, India, Bahrain, Albania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, United States, Morocco and the United Kingdom all represented in their ranks.

“It is like our own small United Nations,” smiles Gaon.

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