Next Level Marketing Discusses the importance of SEO for eCommerce Brands during the Pandemic

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2020 / With the world squarely in the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses small and large are looking for ways to remain relevant to their market and for their target audience.

As consumer preferences and buying behaviors adapt to this new way of life, maintaining a strong digital presence through SEO is imperative for eCommerce brands looking to stay competitive.

As a leader in eCommerce SEO, Next Level Marketing is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the impact SEO can have on eCommerce brands in 2020 and beyond.

Why Brands Should Care About eCommerce SEO During the Pandemic

As tens of thousands of traditional brick and mortar stores find themselves facing the unfortunate reality of having to shut their doors, eCommerce brands are facing the opposite dilemma: effectively serving the growing and evolving demands of those now shopping for goods online.

Similarly, those businesses without a strong eCommerce presence, or with limited service/product options online, are now scrambling to develop and launch viable eCommerce solutions to keep afloat.

With the trend towards eCommerce already on a major upswing trajectory, COVID has set the stage for unprecedented online growth for businesses in 2020 and beyond.

The 800lb SEO Gorilla in the Room

When it comes to online transactions and the consumer’s buying journey, research from Forrester, the Bing Ads Research Team and others has consistently demonstrated that search is a key component of a consumer’s decision to make a purchase. In fact, between 49%-72% of consumers rely heavily on search to make a purchase decision.

With Google having its grip on approximately 86.02% (Statista, 2020) of the search market, eCommerce SEO for this search engine is not just a key part of any business’s marketing mix, but rather a mission-critical component that can make or break an eCommerce brand.

eCommerce SEO

According to Next Level Marketing, “regardless of whether business is picking up or has slowed down as a result of the pandemic, now is the time to double-down.” Savvy businesses that invest in SEO now will not only weather this storm, but position themselves for long-term success as markets return to a new normal.

What Businesses Can do Right Now

Search Engine Optimization is a broad and constantly evolving discipline encompassing a wide range of skill sets. For most eCommerce brand owners, anything beyond the basics is often best left to a professional or agency that can quickly and reliably identify key areas for opportunity and growth. From strategy to implementation, the right eCommerce SEO agency can be a key asset, driving traffic, brand awareness, sales and revenue month over month.

Help Customers Plan for the Future

The way consumers are living their lives has changed dramatically. From telecommuting to work, to ordering online for curbside pickup of groceries, take out, and more. This presents a great opportunity from an SEO perspective to help customers think and plan for the future as things return to “normal”. It also opens up the doors for showing and educating customers on new and innovative ways to solve their problems.

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Buyer Behavior

Data is one of the most useful tools in any SEO campaign, providing key insights into how buyers’ behavior is changing on and off of a website and throughout their decision-making process. This data can be used to uncover trends that can then be leveraged in SEO content funnels and optimization.

The Future of eCommerce Looks Bright

Although the global pandemic has turned many industries upside down and inside out, savvy eCommerce brands are taking this time to shore up bottlenecks and invest in SEO services and other marketing channels.

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