Noesis Low-Code Solutions excelling in the Netherlands

Noesis is fuelling Digital Transformation by offering 6 (Proof of Concept) based on OutSystems technology

International tech consulting company Noesis continues to expand its presence in the Netherlands, strongly supported on Low-Code Solutions and OutSystems technology. Noesis and OutSystems have a long-lasting partnership, since 2008, with Noesis consistently reinforcing its position of leadership and expertise on this technology, throughout countless projects.

The strategic focus on the region has allowed Noesis to achieve the official OutSystems partnership certification in the Netherlands, making it a pioneer among companies developing low-code projects in the country. The company is growing steadfastly in the area, and operations in the Netherlands are expected to represent 25% of Noesis’s overall revenue by 2020.

According to Rodolfo Bravo Pereira, Managing Director, Netherlands at Noesis, “we continue to have a strong focus on the growth of our international operations. Leveraging our unique competences and partnership with OutSystems, we can provide customers in the Netherlands and the region with cutting-edge solutions to help drive their business. We are going beyond low-code: not only using a software development platform but creating an ecosystem around it with an advanced DevOps culture, cybersecurity best practices, big data and artificial intelligence”.

This year, OutSystems NextStep – #1 low-code event in the World – will go virtual on the 15th and 16th of September with an audience composed by more than 25 industries from over 70 countries.

Noesis, NextStep’s Premium Sponsor, has already been distinguished with 12 Innovation Awards and currently has a team with more than 240 certifications that guarantee agility and speed in the digital transformation of renowned companies in Portugal, USA, and the Netherlands.

As part of the event strategy, Noesis is offering 6 POCs (Proof of Concept) based on OutSystems technology. This way, any Company can submit their idea, project or business challenge and apply for a proof-of-Concept using OutSystems technology, for free. Noesis will select the best 6 ideas and develop a Beta version of those applications, without commitment. Noesis’ objective is to accelerate Companies’ Digital Transformation, by showing the advantages of OutSystems technology, as well as Noesis’s skills and experience.

OutSystems platform provides a unique way to address new and challenging business scenarios that are part of the digital transformation in a much faster way. Noesis is the right partner for companies of all sizes wanting to differentiate and provide best-in-class solutions to their customers. The benefits of agility include lower risks in developing new solutions, investment of time and resources, as well as quicker time-to-market.

Besides Low-Code Solutions, Noesis has fuelled digital transformation for regional customers in other areas, including Quality Management and DevOps & Automation, actively developing integrating solutions to face each client’s specific challenges. For example, Noesis developed NTX™ – Ngine Testing Experience – its own test automation tool with a specific algorithm to identify OutSystems objects. This is a game-changer in the Industry and makes NTX® a one-of-a-kind test automation tool that really differentiates itself from other solutions available in the market.

For those reasons, Noesis continues to be an active partner in contributing to the success of this great event, which promises 2 days with more than 50 sessions and 100 hours of content that will take Developers, Solution Architects Technology Leaders and other stakeholders in an immersive low-code experience.

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About Noesis
Founded in 1995, Noesis is an international tech consulting company offering services and solutions to support clients in digital transformation and the development of their businesses. In order to obtain sustained value that is transversal to all sectors, Noesis is focused on infrastructures, software, quality and people. The organization is based on highly specialized talents, operating in nine business units and six countries – Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ireland, and the USA.

Source: RealWire

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