Public Adjuster And Owner Of AllClaims Pro, Lawrence Urgo, Is An Expert In The Insurance Restoration Field

FRONT ROYAL, VA / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2020 / Lawrence Urgo has helped many roofing contractors by teaching them how to integrate their sales and processes to work within the insurance restoration market. Thus, enabling them to achieve more sales while helping people (policyholders) who have damage due to storms and bad weather.

Lawrence Urgo is the founder and owner of AllClaims Pro, one of the largest public adjusting firms in Virginia. To date, he’s helped thousands of homeowners navigate the intricacies of roofing claims and the claims adjusting process.

Lawrence has a history of working in the roofing industry as well as for a claims consulting company. It was there where he realized the magnitude of the industry and how many people could be helped who were in need. This experience opened his eyes to the ways in which contractors who do insurance restoration help homeowners or policyholders who have damage by getting the costs of the repairs covered by the policyholders insurance companies. Lawrence became a public adjuster, so that he could be an advocate for homeowners when they felt like they may be taken advantage of by their insurance carrier. This benefits general contractors and roofers, because he helps their respected homeowners (clients) receive the proper funds from the insurance company, which they are in return able to pay the roofer the correct price to put on a new roof. Lawrence put his license and expertise to work more diligently than ever before and fully dove into the field, and within months had helped multiple roofing companies grow their business and profit margins.

Lawrence’s approach to public adjusting differs from many others in the industry. Instead of stepping in when a homeowner and insurance company are already at odds, Lawrence and his team prefer to enter the scene from the very beginning, assess the damage, and offer advice on how to best move forward. Perhaps the biggest key to his success can be found in his ability to understand the proper dynamics that policyholders and contractors should share with insurance companies and their adjusters. Many public adjusters make the mistake of viewing the insurance company as the enemy and instantly alienate the insurance adjuster. According to Lawrence, this is the wrong approach. At the end of the day, the insurance company has a responsibility to do what is right by their client, and offering solutions to help them achieve that task tends to lend itself to mutually beneficial results among both parties. Having an amicable relationship with the insurance companies is vital to ensuring the best outcome for both the policyholder and the contractor. Lawrence also advises both parties to remember that they share a mutual responsibility to take care of the client. When the policyholder (or their contractor or public adjuster) knows how to speak and handle the insurance adjuster appropriately and respectfully it tends to lend itself to the best possible outcome.

To date, Lawrence and his team at AllClaims Pro have stood on over 5,000 roofs and provided consulting services to contractors, policyholders and insurance adjusters alike. The roofing contractors he’s worked with have experienced exponential growth in their margins, he’s worked with brand new companies just starting out who are now doing eight figures in a very short time and worked to help established companies 10x their profit as well. Lawrence’s processes are simple, yet effective. In the last 5 years, he’s helped countless Virginia contractors scale their companies quickly and build out an insurance process to run and maximize claims, all in a timely manner, which can often be the most difficult part when working with insurance companies.

Through it all, Lawrence seeks to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for other young entrepreneurs. Even if you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, take the opportunity to dust yourself off, hone a skill and pursue your dreams. You never know how you may struggle only to emerge stronger on the other side. If you are a roofer or a contractor, Lawrence wants you to know that he is an expert in the insurance restoration field and that through his skills and experience, he has helped other contractors profit greatly by working with them and perfecting the insurance restoration process.


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