Quanergy and SAIMOS Partner to Offer Integrated AI-based LiDAR, Video Analytics and Geographic Information System Solutions 

  • 95%+ Accurate Security Surveillance, Perimeter Protection, Monitoring and Management
  • Advanced Situational Awareness to Better Monitor Crowds in Malls, Retail, Public Venues
  • A Milestone Verified Solution for Cloud and On-Premise Security & Retail Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DlidarintegrationwithgentecQuanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart perception solutions, today announced a partnership with SAIMOS® (Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operation’s Security), an Austrian software development company that offers AI-based video analytics and Geographic System Information (GIS) solutions. The jointly developed solutions combine Quanergy’s AI-powered, 3D LiDAR-based QORTEX platform with SAIMOS® Video Analytics Module and Geographic Information System (GIS) for intelligent perimeter protection and intrusion detection in a wide variety of applications.

The integrated solutions leverage Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR sensors and QORTEX perception software to detect, identify, and track objects with 95%+ accuracy, reducing costly false alarms. With SAIMOS’ Video Analytics, the objects can be visualized on either a public map (like Google, Bing, OSM, or ESRI) or a customer’s floor plan in real time. In addition, with SAIMOS’ advanced GIS capabilities, operators can select up to 4 classified objects on the map for cross-camera or PTZ tracking to provide enhanced situational awareness of the premise.

“We are excited to integrate our 3D-LiDAR based platform with SAIMOS technologies to bring a new level of automatic threat assessment to security applications,” said Enzo Signore, CMO at Quanergy. “LiDAR is reshaping the security and smart space industries, and we are excited to offer these advanced, complementary capabilities to the market.”

The integrated solutions also unlock actionable insights into people’s movement patterns for smart space surveillance. For example, the solution can monitor crowds in a mall or amusement park to track and apprehend pocket thieves. Sensors can also be placed at entrances to monitor access control and track individuals entering and exiting spaces. This data can be used both for immediate response to security incidents and for long-term analysis.

A Milestone Verified Solution

The joint Quanergy’s LiDAR solution with SAIMOS® Video Analytics and SAIMOS® Control Center seamlessly integrates with Milestone XProtect® VMS—either on premise or in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)—for cloud-ready threat detection, classification, and tracking for security and surveillance.

“We believe that this combination of Quanergy and SAIMOS technologies, based on a true open platform like Milestone, generates massive advantages for end-customers,” said Karim Elhanafi, CEO at SAIMOS. “We’re proud to be once again the first solution provider integrating LiDAR technology into Milestone XProtect and combining it with our SAIMOS Video Analytics and GIS solution, the SAIMOS Control Center.”

The integrated solutions provide advanced perimeter security and intrusion detection for government buildings and critical infrastructure as well as occupancy monitoring, proximity detection, object counting, and access control in smart spaces like retail stores, office buildings, and other public venues. The solutions are available now and can be ordered immediately. For more information, please visit us at www.saimos.de/en/LiDAR.

About Quanergy

Quanergy was founded in 2012 and builds on decades of experience of its team in the areas of optics, photonics, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence software and control systems. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Quanergy offers a high-performance AI-powered LiDAR platform designed to accelerate the automation of key business processes to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety of our 3D world. By providing actionable insights to organizations across major industries including, mapping, security, smart cities and smart spaces, industrial automation and transportation, Quanergy is enabling its partners and their end-users to deploy innovative solutions to drive their business growth and ultimately, improve the quality of life for people around the world. For more information, visit www.quanergy.com.


ONG-IT GmbH, incepted in 1997, is an Austrian based solution provider for integrated AI-based Video Analytics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the manufacturer of SAIMOS® – Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security.

SAIMOS® is a scalable solution for various industries (Security, Retail, Transport, Banking, Campuses, etc.) and does contribute to Smart City and Safe City projects.

SAIMOS® enables its partners and end-customers to convert unstructured video data into actionable data and provides the required business intelligence.

The goal of SAIMOS® is to leverage the possibilities of complex technologies, in the simplest way possible, to enable effective solutions for users.

For more information, visit www.saimos.eu.


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