Rodrigo Castillo Leads Arizona’s Top Personal Training Company, Ideal Physiques

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Serving clients from England, Australia, and all over the United States, Ideal Physiques has been a trailblazer in the personal training industry since 2017. Led by its CEO Rodrigo Castillo, the company has served over 1,800 clients in their health and wellness journey. At present, the training company has expanded its services to three more cities and employed additional certified personal training experts ready to cater to more clients.

Rodrigo Castillo is the CEO and founder of Ideal Physiques, one of Arizona’s top personal training companies. Since its inception in 2017, it has provided a wide range of services, including nutrition coaching, online and in-person personal training, and a brand-new fitness concept called Sculpt Kickboxing to clients worldwide.

On top of lifestyle and personal training, Ideal Physiques also trains athletes and participants for fitness competitions. As a former bodybuilder who loved to compete, Rodrigo Castillo takes pride in helping clients build their bodybuilding careers and dominate the competition stage. With that, he has worked with over 50 clients for their bodybuilding journeys and collected over 100 accolades and trophies for a ranking within the top 5.

Rodrigo Castillo leads a growing team with impressive fitness training certifications, college degrees in kinesiology of exercise and wellness, years of hands-on experience, and continued education. The founder seeks to revolutionize the health and fitness industry through Ideal Physiques. At an early age, he witnessed how the corporate fitness industry breaks banks without giving clients the true worth of their money. He hopes to make a difference by providing each client with true experts and reasonably-priced services while equipping them with the right information, tools, and techniques to achieve overall fitness success.

Ideal Physiques provides clients overall access to personalized nutrition plans, weekly check-ins for progress, and full access to the company’s digital app featuring workout videos. The company uses a holistic method to ensure significant long-lasting effects that will positively impact the client’s mind, health, and body.

It is impressive how, in a short period, Ideal Physiques quickly rose above its competitors and gained a reputable name in the personal training community. With that, Rodrigo Castillo was able to quadruple his business amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s success has allowed him to expand further in the Phoenix-Metro area, open more employment opportunities for expert trainers, and bring in 100 new clients.

Indeed, the onset of the pandemic brought a strong impact on Ideal Physiques. True enough, these unprecedented times have been scary and quite discouraging for many. Rodrigo Castillo himself knew that the pandemic would negatively affect him, his business, team, and clients. Fortunately, he and his team came up with innovative strategies to expand the business and his team by employing three more trainers. They continue to guide clients in achieving their fitness goals. Growing his business amidst the pandemic is a blessing he will forever be thankful for.

In the future, Rodrigo Castillo hopes to make Ideal Physiques a national sensation throughout the United States. Ultimately, he hopes for his brand to become trusted and recognized for effectively changing the lives of its clients.

Learn more about Rodrigo Castillo and Ideal Physiques by visiting its official website.

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