ScienceLogic Eclipses AIOps Competition in EMA Report, Signals Mainstream Adoption of AIOps

Outperforms 17 vendors in key use cases, illustrating dominance in leveraging AIOps to deliver resilient customer experiences

EMA Radar Ranks ScienceLogic:

  • #1 “Value Leader” in Incident, Performance, & Availability Management for Product Strength
  • “Strong Value” in Business Impact and IT-to-Business Alignment
  • “Strong Value” in Change Impact and Capacity Optimization

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScienceLogic, a top provider of monitoring solutions for multi-cloud management and hybrid IT infrastructure, once again leads the way in the inaugural Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) AIOps Radar Report. This latest recognition cements ScienceLogic’s leadership in the AIOps industry and its reputation for delivering resilient and automated IT operations.

“In an evolving market where ‘AIOps’ is too often simply a branding move, ScienceLogic stands out as a true leader in industry advances—unifying stakeholders to deliver on the promise of transforming business delivery,” said EMA’s Dennis Nils Drogseth, the report’s author. “Their exceptional impact across all three use cases is a culmination of some of the platform’s most notable core strengths. That includes supporting business services from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives, delivering compelling outcomes, and scaling to a level that can assimilate thousands of different sources while also bringing in more than 10 million data points in less than five minutes.”

As further detailed in the report and supplementary customer feedback, ScienceLogic was recognized for its highly scalable, “richly assimilative” SL1 platform. This automated solution employs analytics and machine learning to assess operational data in real-time across the IT estate, delivering service-level insights that directly impact business outcomes. With SL1, managed service providers (MSPs), large enterprises and global systems integrators (GSIs) can proactively avoid service outages using AI-enabled performance baselines and behavioral correlation.

“The findings in the EMA report are a powerful validation of the technology investments ScienceLogic has made since its inception, addressing the needs of increasingly large and complex IT estates,” said Michael Nappi, ScienceLogic Chief Product Officer. “Our data collection mechanisms, for example, are extremely capable—ingesting huge volumes and varieties of data across multiple protocols to feed a comprehensive data lake representing IT artifacts and their relationships. Getting the data right is the hardest problem in AIOps—and this is an area where SL1 really shines. With this authoritative data platform in place, our machine learning algorithms can be applied to great effect: efficiently reasoning over the data to derive actionable insights, which in turn drive increased service health and availability for our customers.”

Other differentiating features of ScienceLogic SL1:

“We evaluated ScienceLogic against other solutions [and] SL1 stood out as a provider of automation, machine learning and integration. The resulting ease of use, customization and support for nearly every tech vendor gave us the most bang for our buck,” said Doug James, Director of Technology and Business Management, NetDesign. “Now, we’re socializing proactive and intelligent monitoring in our customer conversations. We’ve taken an area previously considered ‘technical’ or a ‘background task’ and shifted it to our priority topics and value propositions. ScienceLogic has enabled and enhanced this B2B transparency, which has helped us engage our customers and prospects in new and different ways.”

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About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. Its solution sees everything across multi-cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation. Trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe, ScienceLogic’s technology is designed for the rigorous security requirements of the United States Department of Defense, proven for scale by the world’s largest service providers, and optimized for the needs of large enterprises.

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