Singapore’s Top Doctor-Turned-Banker and Contrarian Methodology to Financial Planning

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2020 / At the helm of Singapore’s leading independent and doctor-led consultancy, FinHealth, Dr Ujin has become the go-to expert when it comes to the wealth management needs for high net-worth individuals, doctors, and medical professionals.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the fields of medicine, entrepreneurship, and banking – He has served more than 500 happy clients and has helped disburse S$500 million in loans. Dr Ujin uses his experience and training to dispense wealth management solutions with surgical precision.

In speaking to Dr Ujin and his role in his consultancy, it is easy to tell that he has a contrarian view towards financial planning. His advisory focuses on bringing holistic financial planning to a world of “commission-driven” financial advisors.

Most recently, he recognized that Singaporeans have an unhealthy obsession with the dream of passive income through property investing. That’s when he unearthed a lesser-known instrument and a strategy he developed, called the Property Mirroring Tool (PMT).

Where essentially, PMT is a strategy that mimics all the benefits of real estate investing but without its downside risk and it helps investors avoid the fatal pitfalls that traditional real estate investors are making. Problems like lack of liquidity, inability to find tenants, heavy buyer stamp duties, high fees and taxes involved in the purchase and the maintenance of the property. It is essentially a dream instrument that investors are flocking to while having a peace of mind.

His contrarian approach breaks down financial planning into 4 core pillars – Mortgage, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Legacy planning. His methodology focuses on putting the client first and servicing their needs in the most efficient and accurate way, avoiding any potential financial misdiagnosis.

Dr Ujin has his eyes set on defining a new standard for financial planning that focuses on the holistic wealth planning of the client and providing timely wealth solutions with surgical precision.

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