Stroke Survivor Pivots Life Purpose to Empower Others and Embrace Their New Normal

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Jennifer Chapman was living her best life in corporate America. She was working in prominent companies and made lasting relationships with industry leaders. However, upon suffering from a stroke at the age of 34, Jennifer completely pivoted her life. She realigned her priorities to help others who have gone through similar situations.

Jennifer grew up in a family that was full of love, and she had an unrivaled passion for dancing. Needless to say that she had a wonderful childhood. At a young age, Jennifer knew that she wanted to be successful in the corporate landscape. Her biggest support system was her mother. Unfortunately, at 11 years old, she tragically lost her biggest fan. Jennifer had to adapt to a new life with her father and brother as well as her extended family (aunts and grandparents). Eventually, she found her love for tennis, which also helped her cope with her circumstances.

Straight out of college, Jennifer began working in sales. She found herself loving every minute of her ten years spent working in the beer, wine, and spirit industry. Being the risk taker, Jennifer went out of her comfort zone. She transferred to a different industry as a sales representative. “I found success in my first year by hitting President’s Club, which was career-changing,” Jennifer recalled.

Jennifer lived her life to the fullest when out of the blue, at 34 years old, she suffered a stroke. Her case was alarming because she was in her optimum health. No red flags would have led her to suspect that such a thing would happen. Nonetheless, Jennifer’s life changed in an instant. Her situation gave her an epiphany: her mother was also 34 when she passed.

Jennifer went through two weeks of rehabilitation and four months of therapy. She found herself blessed to recover physically, but the emotional burden remained with her. “I had to fully understand how to adapt to, accept and have confidence in my new normal,” she said. On her healing process, Jennifer also spent nine months with a life coach that helped her a lot in mending her spirit and self-esteem.

It took a village of caring individuals, especially her life coach, to lead Jennifer to her pivotal transformation. Although she continues to adapt to her situation, Jennifer is filled with love, joy, acceptance, and strength. With the tremendous change in her perspective, Jennifer wants to support other stroke survivors and various individuals who need mentors and life coaches to overcome their challenges.

Hence, Just Commit Coaching was born. The company was built to honor her mother’s legacy. Seeing the amount of support she received from a community of individuals and life coaches, Jennifer recalls that they are the reason why she survived. “I work every day to make [my mother] proud through helping others see their value, their purpose, their confidence in their new normal,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer believes that everyone has a unique story to tell. They can use their narrative to inspire others to take action. “I have this incredible life experience that is meant to be shared as someone else’s hope and healing,” said Jennifer. Just Commit Coaching provides a safe space for her clients going through hardships, anxiety, depression, or physical illnesses. Through her company, Jennifer leads people to change their mindset, celebrate even the smallest of successes, and alter their perspective to see the change they need in their lives.

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