The THASH APP Platform Is Launched Globally

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / On September 10, the world’s leading computing power asset platform THASH APP was launched.

In recent years, blockchain has become a hot topic. As one of the current domestic and foreign focus technologies, blockchain technology has become the new mainstream of industrial innovation and development, which has an important impact on industry-related changes and profoundly affects people’s lifestyles.

At present, CHINA is already at the forefront of the world in terms of computing power and algorithms. 70% of the computing power of a single blockchain is in China, 70% of China’s computing power is in Sichuan, and Sichuan’s mining industry accounts for half of the world’s mining industry. “Mining City”, thus China has entered a new level in the field of global computing power competition.

THASH currently operates, manages, and circulates computing power assets accounting for 8% of the global computing power network. Manage and operate 12 “THASH Supercomputing Centers” distributed around the world. The scale of standardized circulating computing power assets reaches a total load of 400,000 loads, and 140,000 online computing power devices are used to maintain a stable online computing power of 8 million terabytes for a long time.

THASH is currently the only platform on the global computing power platform that allows users to view computing power deployment within 24 hours, view computing power income in real time through observer links, and provide asset mortgage services.

It is understood that THASH, constantly pursuing the best computing power in the industry, has realized four major advantages systems through years of experience.

1.Large-scale centralized procurement of THASH equipment. THASH, all equipment purchases reach the top of the industry chain, and maintains a stable strategic partnership with a number of well-known suppliers in the industry chain to ensure that the cost of equipment procurement is much lower than the market retail price, while ensuring the stability of supply.

2.Standardization of THASH electric power collection. THASH, all power purchases come from the formal platforms of various national power grids to ensure the regularization and stability of power acquisition. At the same time, the THASH supercomputing center is located within 5 kilometers from the power station to make the power supply more stable and reliable. The cost is much lower than the industry average cost.

3.THASH energy consumption configuration is balanced. THASH, each “THASH standard computing power group” is configured with three models of 30W/40W/50W, and optimized configuration at any time according to technological progress to ensure uninterrupted output of computing power under the risk of market fluctuations.

4.Data management of THASH operation and maintenance. THASH, each “THASH computing power equipment” is equipped with an exclusive QR code and linked to the “THASH standard OA data management platform”. Through the “THASH standard OA data management platform”, it is possible to monitor the operation of each host in each mine at every minute, and cooperate with more than 40 equipment operation guarantee technical teams in each mine to be on-site 24 hours a day. Let the management level reach the leading level of “offline host minor problems are replaced in 20 minutes, and complex problems are disassembled and repaired on the shelf in 24 hours”.

THASH, an expert in standardized operation, management and circulation of computing power assets. Join THASH, get the best computing power assets, and start your computing power business career!

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