Undertone Hires Advanced TV Industry Leader Todd Cohen to Spearhead Video/CTV Sales

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Undertone, the leader in data-driven, Intelligent High Impact campaigns across screens, today announced that it hired the breakthrough media visionary Todd Cohen as Vice President, National Video/CTV Sales. In this new role, Cohen will lead strategy across Video and Advanced TV, partnering with agencies and brands to take advantage of Undertone’s impressive new video suite.

Cohen brings nearly two decades of deep and broad experience in media, including leadership roles in Advanced TV, most recently at Samba TV. He was part of the team that pioneered bringing TV-to-digital targeting to market, and then the first team using ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology to reach TV audiences in digital. Cohen also has experience in both broadcast and cable television.

“Todd’s expertise and strategic vision make him the perfect person to lead Undertone and our advertisers into the future of video and CTV,” said Dan Aks, President of Undertone. “With consumers rapidly changing the way they watch video, there’s a tremendous opportunity for marketers.”

“If ever there was a ‘right company, right time’ moment, it’s Undertone and the creative innovation they can bring to the Advanced TV space” said Cohen. “Undertone is uniquely positioned to amplify the impact of advertiser messages across screens, combining the power of CTV and real time TV data with interactive creative.”

Undertone’s video offering includes a full stack of cutting-edge solutions that can meet and exceed any digital and video KPI. This solution set is the first of its kind to blend premium Connected TV placements, data-driven instream pre-roll, interactive pre-roll, video-first high impact outstream units, and social video across major platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

To tie all of their solutions together, Undertone leverages ACR TV data targeting capabilities from 23 million households in the US. This custom targeting allows brands to target those exposed to linear TV ads or content to digital devices within seconds. Undertone can also extend reach among elusive audiences that didn’t see their Linear TV campaign to CTV and digital.

“Todd is exactly the kind of sales leader we were looking for,” said Doron Gerstel, Perion CEO. “He is passionate, informed, respected and will be an inspirational member of our team at this moment when CTV is poised to take off.”

About Undertone:

Undertone, a division of Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), provides cutting-edge technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its proprietary Synchronized Digital Branding combines data, distribution and creative to deliver cohesive stories across all critical touchpoints: screens, platforms and a transparent, customizable list of elite publishers. The AI-driven platform eliminates fragmentation, delivers much-needed revenue for publishers and, most importantly, ensures brand messaging is contextually relevant. Undertone creates stunning campaigns that align with KPIs—always with beautiful creative and in brand-safe environments. Learn more at www.undertone.com.


Vanessa Confessore

Director, Brand Marketing


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