Want to Invest in Real Estate Remotely? Brian Adamson has the Blueprint

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2020 / Brian Adamson is a real estate investing guru and educator, as well as the founder and lead educator for BBR Education Group.

What’s BBR Education Group? It’s a real estate education firm founded by Adamson two years ago that works to help new and seasoned investors start and streamline their real estate investment careers.

Now living in Orlando, Adamson got his start in real estate in Detroit, where he grew up. As a junior in college, he started working with a buddy as a private lender, just long enough to get his feet wet before making the jump to investing in real estate on his own.

“My junior year, a friend of mine was flipping houses in Detroit… This was at the height of the market in 2006, before the last economic downturn in 2008,” said Adamson. “At that time, they were doing stated income loans, which meant that anybody who wanted a house could get one. “

Many recipients of stated income loans weren’t really qualified, going on to buy homes they couldn’t afford. Adamson saw the opportunity to leverage his refund checks as a lender to help people cover their initial down payments.

From there, Adamson starting buying rental properties as a senior in college and never looked back. This action birthed BBR Investment Group, Adamson’s first firm through which he promptly built his own new-construction home and purchased upwards of 20 rental properties at the height of the 2008 market. Despite the trials and tribulations brought upon him by the financial crisis in 2008 and losing his first three houses to foreclosure, Adamson got back on the horse.

Using remaining liquidity thanks to his lending efforts, Adamson bought over 20 rental properties during the last market contraction in 2008. For the first six years of his career, he focused on becoming a cash-flow expert. It was only upon attending a seminar where he learned about flipping and wholesaling that Adamson realized how much more he could do, and how he could help himself using the proper financial leverage.

“For the first time in my life, it afforded me an opportunity to understand what real estate was on a broader scale. I was just a guy being opportunistic buying doors because I could,” said Adamson, discussing how it wasn’t until he learned how crucial borrowed capital was that he was able to have considerable success on a grander scale.

With that newfound understanding, Adamson bought 18 properties in his first seven months as a flipper and wholesaler via over a million dollars of private money and was off to the races.

A few years ago, after putting his head down for some 11 years in the industry and millions of real estate deals added to his portfolio, Adamson was presented with the opportunity to teach others about his process. People had started taking notice of his business and were reaching out for help, and he felt a calling to teach about the approaches and systems that had brought him so much success. Furthermore, he was eager to share with the world how he believed investors could take advantage of the real estate industry by investing remotely.

In pursuit of his new dream to help real estate investors get off of their feet, Adamson built out the team around him at BBR Investment Group so that he could step away without any hindrances and focus on building BBR Education Group. Since then, he has turned his client-by-client mentoring efforts into a full-blown apprenticeship program with students all over the world, reaching as far as Afghanistan and even Denmark. As he did for himself, Adamson is helping others change their lives and circumstance through real estate investment. And the best part? Clients get access to the man himself while he teaches them how to implement the systems he uses to this day to invest remotely.

When asked about what was on the horizon for him, Adamson spoke of bunkering down on his educational efforts and broadening what BBR Education Group can offer. Ideally, Adamson would like to scale the business and hire some more coaches beneath him so that BBR Education Group can cater to a higher number of apprentices.

Past that, Adamson’s goals are to expand upon his speaking efforts, which he’s been working on via a daily fireside chat he started in March in hopes of lifting spirits amidst what has been a challenging year due to Coronavirus. On a grander level, he’d like to become more diversified as an entrepreneur.

“I’m already invested in, you know, five or six different spaces, but I really want a hundred-million-dollar net worth by the time I’m 50… I’m 36 now.”

For more on Brian Adamson, visit his LinkTree here. For more on BBR Investment Group and BBR Education Group, visit their site here.

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