Evolving with the Market-FMO Media Creating Predictability in Unpredictable Times

PATCHOGUE, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2020 / In these very unpredictable times, businesses have been forced to innovate more than ever to stay ahead of the competition and get in front of their customers. It gets tougher and tougher for a small to midsize business to compete with these massive Fortune 500 companies that are gobbling up the market. With astronomical budgets, they can get out and stay in front of their customers through Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and other Social Media platforms. On top of that- they are now aggregating data to continue to remarket for years to come. This leaves many business owners out in the cold to fend for themselves against these massive marketing giants that have unlimited budgets and attention to their industry.

FMO Media is helping small to medium sized businesses, the “Davids”, if you will, fight back the Marketing “Goliaths” by doing things a bit differently. While most businesses would never be able to afford an in house marketing team, FMO Media has made it, like everything else in 2020, “Virtually Possible”. Their clients delight in having a 6-8 person full time marketing squad dedicated to building their company’s brand and leaving the largest digital footprint possible. Offering 24/7, around the clock access to their marketers- FMO media is truly doing something different

“The idea is to deliver a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, with a team that would normally cost six or seven figures to hire out in house- at a fraction of the cost,” says their CEO, Ace Alfalla. “The feeling of having someone on your very own staff is still there- mostly because of the access and communication standards we have on every single project.”

How can they deliver that? Why has no one else figured this out yet? What kind of US Based company gives you this type of access and service?

“Unfortunately, not everyone you hire is efficient,” says Christian Midy, CIO. “People go to work, answer text messages, sit through meetings that could have been emails, and browse through their own social media- wasting valuable company time. Here at FMO media, we take those unproductive hours and make them worth something to your company. Eight fresh eyed people focusing one hour each on your account, gives you more than one person 8 hours a day. Our team makes magic happen.”

Using various platforms for communication in real time, Melissa Fernandez, Chief Marketing Officer with FMO media says, “Using email to communicate is a thing of the past. In today’s fast moving world, if you’re not communicating through some sort of instant messaging platform to interact with your customers then you could be costing them money.”

Through this system, FMO Media’s clients can see and interact with their marketing team minute to minute, hour to hour, and day to day activities. “We want to be as organic as possible,” says Jamie Alfalla, their Chief Operating Officer, “we want our clients to feel like our team is in their office.”

Every business is assigned a different team based on their marketing needs and industry, but a client would typically have access to a Web Designer, Google Analytics Expert, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Lead Generation Expert, Creative Director and a Production team for Audio and Video. With all this at a business owner’s fingertips- they have all the fire power they need to drive in more customers to their business to grow and thrive in these very unpredictable times.




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