IREX and Luna Global Networks Join Forces to Create Innovative Technologies and Bespoke Solutions to Fight Illicit Trade and Safeguard Smart Markets

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ArtificialIntelligence–Gary Fowler, CEO of IREX, today announced a dynamic new partnership with David M. Luna, President & CEO, Luna Global Networks & Convergence Strategies (LGN). IREX and LGN will be teaming up to introduce revolutionary AI-driven technologies to fight illicit trade across markets.

“IREX is proud to deliver best-in-class multi-functional data platforms, and bespoke crime convergence solutions to tackle some of today’s ever-changing security threats across markets and cities including illicit trade and illicit finance threats,” explains Fowler.

Illicit trade is a global phenomenon that impacts all governments and industries alike. Mr. Luna has spoken globally about illicit markets that are generating trillions of dollars every year for transnational criminal organizations, complicit corrupt facilitators, and other threat networks. The types of criminal activities involved include the trafficking of narcotics, opioids, arms, humans, fake medicines and other counterfeit and pirated goods; illegal tobacco and alcohol; illegally-harvested timber, wildlife, and fish; pillaged oil, diamonds, gold, and other natural resources and precious minerals; stolen antiquities; and other contraband or commodities that have value and are sold across our main streets, social media, online marketplaces, and the dark web. Corruption and money laundering further help to finance criminality that fuels illicit economies and creates greater insecurity and instability across markets.

“Illicit trade is a threat multiplier raising the cost of doing business across borders, economies, industries, and e-commerce platforms. To win the fight against today’s bad actors and threat networks, we must harness innovation, leverage leap-ahead technologies and employ intelligent analytical solutions as powerful force multipliers for safeguarding intellectual property rights, securing market reputational value, and for protecting our communities and smart cities against criminality in our markets and across the digital world,” said Luna.

“IREX-LGN new full spectrum AI-powered solutions, technological innovations, and data analytics are a game-changer. Empowering smart cities and smart markets to effectively fight illicit trade will lead to greater crime prevention, economic growth, and safer, more secure markets,” said Derek Distenfield, IREX Co-founder.

For more information email Derek Distenfield, to learn more about the new IREX Smart Market: Anti-Illicit Trade Solutions.

About IREX: IREX’s video-based cloud service is a powerful tool for monitoring and protecting large populations from large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, terrorism threats, and crime. Powered by machine learning, IREX provides contact tracing, social distancing and crowd management.

About Luna Global Networks & Convergence Strategies LLC: Luna Global Networks helps clients across sectors to tackle among the most pressing illicit trade and governance challenges around the world through convergence strategies and tactical plans that target illicit markets holistically; the design of pragmatic risk management frameworks; net-centric partnerships that leverage collective action; and transformative technologies that produce greater results, enduring solutions.


Eric Mitchell, LifeFlip Media

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