Katrell Smith, Owner and Founder of Credit Up – Consulting, and His Team are Creating New Opportunities for His Peers and Community

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2020 / From a young age, Katrell had aspirations of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“I used to resale my Halloween candy when I was a kid just to make a profit. I always knew how to keep money in my pockets” he told us. Watching his single mother of 2 struggle working multiple jobs to put food on the table gave him the drive and dedication he has today. He witnessed family and friends in his community struggle to live a good life. Living paycheck to paycheck to barely get by. He did not fully recognize it at the time, but the one area of potential opportunity came through real estate. Back in 2004, Katrell would spend time in Oakland, California fixing up houses with his uncle who experienced success in the real estate market before the crash in 2007.

Emerging through personal struggles later on in life, Katrell’s passion to become financially independent still remained. He aimed to take control of his life and finances. He began teaching himself the functions of credit repair so that he would be in a position to acquire property. ” My main goal in life is to become financially independent, and take care of my family. I want to be able to make enough passive income off my investments to cover my everyday expenses. This way, me working a 9-5 job will be an option, and not a requirement.” He followed up by saying “I want to help others get inspired so they can achieve the same goals”. Katrell learned what he needed to know to help him and his family, as well as the community and his peers become successful.

Katrell grew up around others who felt the tools to financial success were out of reach. He realized that for people of color, and minorities, this idea of thinking was widespread. Even though he understood how numerous institutions made it harder for minorities in similar situations to escape poverty, financial freedom was more attainable than many realize.

With all that he had learned in real estate and credit repair, the 28 year old investment property owner sought to introduce others to the tools and resources that led to his own success. He understands that financial literacy is barely, if ever, taught at school for so many young people. Katrell learned that there are easy, actionable steps anyone can take to be in control of their situation. The only requirement was knowledge, and he aimed to provide that to as many people as possible.

On 06/29/2013, Katrell lost his brother Deandre (Dre) to a violent crime. This is where the business name “Junetwenty9th LLC” originated from. “Many people have no idea how much significance the name of my business has, but if you know, then you know,” Katrell said. In 2019, the 28 year old entrepreneur started a credit repair business. To be exact, the original name of the business was “JuneTwenty9th Credit Repair” which he later changed to “Credit Up – Consulting”– A credit consulting service that aimed to do things differently than the typical credit repair firm. He recognized the poor experiences many people had with similar services, and worked to build Credit Up – Consulting with honesty and dependability as core values.

Katrell’s brand and business prides itself on being more than just the typical idea of credit repair. As the owner of Credit Up – Consulting, he wants to introduce others to the fact that there is nothing most of these credit repair companies do that you couldn’t learn yourself. So a large part of his business, Credit Up – Consulting is dedicated to teaching financial literacy that will allow people to be successful long into the future.

Now, with 5 staff members, over 500 clients, and 20 years of combined experience. Credit Up – Consulting has seen immense positive results with their business philosophies. The 28 year old business owner explained, “It’s more than just teaching others about the importance of taking control of their credit, and teaching them about finance. My company offers first time home buyers the first-hand experience in real estate and the personal/ business side of credit and funding”

Other credit services might eventually fix your credit, but they don’t teach you how to leverage that credit to create new opportunities for yourself. Katrell’s organization wants to provide you with the knowledge and tools to not just fix your credit, but start your own business or realize investments that might not have seemed possible.

Now more than ever financial flexibility through credit repair is a necessity. Credit up – Consulting is an experienced and reputable company that provides resources to ensure success for their clients who desire to be put in a position to succeed.

For people who are trying to buy a new home or refinance a current home loan, now is the perfect time due to how low interest rates are. Having your credit in tip top shape is the best way to ensure your eligibility for the best rates. Currently, Katrell and his team are accepting more clients, as well as affiliates who are looking to use their services for their own clients. For more information on how to connect with Katrell check out his website or check out his Instagram.

Written By: Troy Thomason

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