SIT Programming School helps children to shine in today’s data-driven World

Schaffhausen, Switzerland, October 21, 2020 – Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) launched SIT Programming School for Children Aged 6 to 13 to help children become the next generation of digital leaders.

These days if you’re looking to get yourself hired as a coder by international tech giants like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, you need to start early. That’s why SIT decided to launch SIT Programming School – to help children become the next generation of digital leaders. SIT Programming School seeks to teach best practices in IT-education in partnership with top-level digital entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists.

The project is an attempt to creating a Hogwarts-style magical school for the IT world. “It is a place where motivated and bright minds, no matter how young, can enjoy high-quality IT-schooling and achieve outstanding results. A place where dreams, no matter how daring, come true”, said the school’s co-founder, Sergey Shedov.

The program addresses students’ diverse learning needs by separating the soon-to-be code jockeys into three age groups: aged 6-7, aged 8 – 9, or older than 10. Naturally, each group has a tailored program, complete with age-suitable tools. While all programs develop basic algorithmic thinking and programming skills, each of them does so using a different coding language: icon-based, visual-based, or Python. Students below 10 will study icon-based and visual-based programming on the “Mark.Online” game-based educational platform. The latter is an original SIT Programming School tool designed to prepare students for full-blown grown-up programming.

Gamification is a crucial aspect of SIT’s Programming School methodology. The project takes would-be coders on a learning journey through a 3D game-based virtual environment, complemented with short virtual lessons in the videoconference service with the quality of onsite lessons and slots for practice. The online learning adventure is supervised by a flesh-and-blood teacher who divides his or her attention between no more than eight students.

In the future, the SIT’s Programming School team plans to expand both its curriculum and age reach, branching out into web development, mobile applications, robotics, and machine learning for teens up to 17 years of age.

About SIT
Schaffhausen Institute of Technology is founded by entrepreneurs, led by scientists, and advanced by world-class researchers. Based on a blended education model, SIT brings knowledge through science and shapes next-gen digital leaders. To learn more, please visit

About SIT Programming School
SIT Programming School is an SIT-based IT education program designed to teach necessary coding skills to children aged 6 till 13. In a game-like 3D environment, students are invited to tinker with the basic programming algorithms as well as practise online safety rules. To learn more, please visit

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