Tattle Joins PAR Technology’s Brink POS® Integration Ecosystem to Assist Restaurants Increase Guest Satisfaction by Up to 15%

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ParTech, Inc. (ParTech), a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, today announced the addition of Tattle to its Brink POS integration ecosystem. Tattle is a Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find the largest opportunities to improve guest satisfaction.

Earlier this year and due to the pandemic, off-premise ordering took center stage as restaurant brands adapted to regulations restricting dine-in capacity. “Our team has always anticipated the rise in off-premise ordering, which is why we have partnered with Brink POS for integration in order to ‘Uber-ize’ guest feedback,” said Alex Beltrani, Tattle Founder and CEO. “With off-premise revenue accounting for anywhere from 60 to 80% of a restaurant’s overall revenue, the quality of the off-premise guest experience has now become paramount for operators.”

Using transaction data from Brink POS, Tattle’s 50 to 70 question surveys provide restaurants with actionable feedback based on their guests’ on-demand ordering experience. “Tattle aligns perfectly with PAR’s mission to help restaurants deliver unforgettable experiences to keep people coming back,” said Stephen Lee, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ParTech, Inc.

Tattle enables restaurants to measure off-premise data more effectively, allowing them to assess their guests’ delivery and takeout experiences so they can maximize operational improvement and guest recovery—two key contributors to ROI.

“ParTech and Brink POS have made partnership incredibly straightforward and simple in order to provide our guest experience management value whether directly through a Brink POS or digital ordering transaction. Moreover, they have been a pleasure to work with throughout the process. We believe their marketplace is tremendously powerful for restaurants and we wanted to focus on how we elevate guest satisfaction for our mutual customers,” Beltrani said.

About Tattle

Tattle is the only Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) platform built for hospitality that helps restaurants collect actionable feedback data by interacting with their customers where they make transactions. Using existing third-party tools and API integrations, it connects brands with their guests at every touch point of the customer journey. The company uses its own AI to recommend the most opportunistic operational area for improvement at each of its partners’ locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction possible. Tattle powers the operational improvement strategy for industry leaders, such as MOD Pizza, Bareburger, Farmer Boys, Blaze Pizza, The Halal Guys and many more. To learn more, visit get.tattleapp.com.

About PAR Technology Corporation

PAR Technology Corporation through its wholly owned subsidiary ParTech, Inc., is a customer success-driven, global restaurant and retail technology company with over 100,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries using its point of sale hardware and software. ParTech’s Brink POS integration ecosystem enables quick service, fast casual, table service, and cloud restaurants to improve their operational efficiency by combining its cloud-based POS software with the world’s leading restaurant technology platforms. PAR Technology Corporation’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PAR. For more information, visit www.partech.com or connect with PAR on Facebook or Twitter.


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