Why ‘Zapps’ Could Be Zoom’s Game Changer vs. Google Meet

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2020 / Zoom online meetings and video conferencing has taken over as the go-to online meeting platform to use. Ever since the pandemic started in early 2020, with millions of people having to work remotely from home, Zoom has quickly become a household name. The recent addition of Zoom apps or “Zapps” further makes it easy for users working from the office or home, and greatly improving the user experience.

Executive business meeting using Zoom video conferencing cloud technology. Image Credit: 123rf.com / Pitinan.

Snapshot of Zoom’s Explosive Hyper-Growth Curve

In January 2020, Zoom Video Communications Inc. was generating between 91 to 95 million visits per month. Today, it is estimated they are generating more than 2.1 billion visits every single month.

To breakdown Zoom’s 2019 – 2020 website traffic numbers and put this into perspective, there are more visits to Zoom.us per month than the entire population of the USA and India combined. These numbers are so big, they are hard to even imagine for any SaaS platform.

Snapshot of web traffic to the Zoom.us website over the past calendar year, from October 2019 to September 2020. Image Credit: SimilarWeb.com.

“The question that many are asking is, how did we scale our business to handle more than 30 times the traffic and increase in all kinds of new use cases? Looking back, the most important element was our company’s culture and value,” said Eric Yuan, CEO, and Founder of Zoom, in a recent Bloomberg News interview.

Zoom Meetings vs. Google Meet

Focus is often a competitive advantage and is one thing that many of the most successful people and companies in the world will say had a lot to do with their ability to win. Zoom is hyper-focused on going after just one of the products found within GSuite, Google’s very own Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts).

For 2020, Zoom is forecasting $610M in annual revenue, while GSuite and Google Cloud combined for $1.7B. If Zoom was a product within GSuite, it would represent 35% of all Google Cloud / GSuite revenue.

Originally founded in 2011, Zoom had a head start in this market space. Google Hangouts launched in 2013, with the full deep pockets of Google to put behind the launch of Google Hangouts, vs. initial funding Zoom had.

The pandemic clearly worked to Zoom’s advantage for explosive growth from their focus on one product – online meetings and virtual events.

What are Zapps?

Last week, Zoom announced Zapps third-party marketplace that will allow companies to build apps on top of Zoom’s technology. This is a game-changer, according to many tech insiders, and a sure-fire bet that will present a new wave of functionality within their platform and unlock new startup opportunities.

Zapps are apps in Zoom that you can use within the Zoom platform to help improve productivity and create more engaging experiences. No more switching between multiple applications on your desktop. Now you can quickly navigate to apps within the Zoom interface to streamline permissions, grant document accessibility, and collaborate on screen.

A partial list of companies that have made apps for the new Zoom App Store. Image Credit: Zoomtopia.com.

For example, Unsplash is going to be offering Zoom users the ability to change their background to images from their collection. Voice intelligence tools like Chorus and Gong offer in-call note-taking and recording. And fun apps like Cameo offer the ability to have celebrities join your Zoom call live. All these features improve the Zoom experience while also arming these companies with an extended benefit beyond their existing product.

Live Events and Conferences Being Replaced with Virtual Zoom Meetings

“Zoom meetings have experienced explosive growth over the past six months. They are winning on every front in this space. We use the Zoom meeting platform daily across our entire company,” said Ross Simmonds, the Founder, and CEO of Foundation, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Foundation utilizes research and data to help business-to-business (B2B) brands generate more revenue, leads, traffic, and results through content marketing with comprehensive end-to-end content marketing strategy and implementation.

Ross Simmonds speaking on stage at a live event in 2019. Image Credit: Foundation, Inc.

Simmonds is a highly sought-after speaker from the stage. Since the pandemic, requests to book him to keynote live location-based events has dropped, however, there has been an even greater increase to book Simmonds to speak at virtual events, most of which utilize the Zoom platform.

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