Black Female Corporate Executive Turned Entrepreneur Pivots Her New Company to Battle Our Unprecedented Crises – Unemployment & Mental Health

LA QUINTA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2020 / DONNA DEAN COACHING & CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC was formed by Donna Dean, Owner/President in October, 2020 to help people and companies rise to thrive above their current challenges through:

  • Employee Training Grant Consulting
  • Therapeutic Coaching
  • Transformational Training, Retraining, Re-skilling Services


  1. Over 30 million people will need to transition to another career due to the Pandemic.
  2. The projected 30% unemployment rate is heading towards surpassing the Great Depression peak of 24.9%
  3. Women in particular have been negatively impacted.
  4. Black women are being disproportionately affected by the difficult events of 2020 stalling their careers and jeopardizing their financial security. The COVID-19 crisis could set women back half a decade.
  5. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn have negatively affected many people’s mental health and created new complications for people already suffering from mental illness.
  6. Not only do MENTAL ILLNESS ISSUES stem from economic hardship they also are known drivers of: lower productivity, increased healthcare costs and higher mortality.
  7. THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has noted that depression and anxiety have an estimated cost to the global economy of $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

These unprecedented crises represent a significant opportunity for DONNA DEAN COACHING & CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC. Mrs. Dean, Owner/President says that the very foundation of her company is built on helping to solve these problems for years to come. She and her team are positioned, prepared and ready to pivot their services, solutions, resources and expertise to make a difference. The company’s unique service mix will be delivered primarily through the virtual environment utilizing state-of-the-art online technologies and a tele-health model for group and one-on-one therapeutic coaching sessions.

This venture for Mrs. Dean, however, far exceeds a personal level of gratification and financial gain. It is what Mrs. Dean believes she is compelled to do. Having experienced firsthand the devastating impact that job loss and mental health issues have on a family and community; Mrs. Dean is compelled to make a difference in black lives, the lives of women, women of color, the lives of the underserved, under-resourced, the unemployed and those struggling with mental health issues.

According to Mrs. Dean, it will take a village to transform PEOPLE & COMPANIES beyond the insurmountable challenges we now face and will face for years to come. Her story is knitted in the very fabric of the stories of the millions of people who are struggling to rise above. And so, she has answered the call by building an army of compassionate subject matter experts who stand alongside her in battle to:

  • Increase Company’s Revenue
  • Elevate Company & Career Life
  • Help Reduce the High Unemployment Rate
  • Help Solve Our Mental Health Crisis

To learn more, visit the Donna Dean Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC website.


Donna Dean, Owner and President of DONNA DEAN COACHING & CONSULTING SERVICES brings a uniquely diverse 25-year experience level and expertise to her new business.

Mrs. Dean possesses a proven track-record as a Visionary and a Results-Oriented Leader representing Fortune 500 companies in various capacities:

  • Employee Training & Grant Consultant
  • Director of Learning & Development
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • National Recruiter
  • Director of Property Management
  • 10 Years as Chief Creative Officer & Executive Producer of Crown Jewel Studios/Donna Dean Entertainment company
  • Consultant for the Entertainment Corporate & Hospitality industry for many years

The Battles & Victories That Ignited Mrs. Dean’s Unique Vision & Voice
As an African American Woman Business Owner and Visionary; Mrs. Dean is compelled to contribute her unique vision and voice to reach out and help others up their mountain. Mrs. Dean has enjoyed many victories and has conquered many battles. She has experienced great loss over the years. A loss of her previous husband, who died tragically from a pulmonary embolism 14 years ago.

In 2019, Donna nursed her current husband through the battle of his life – colon-rectal cancer. It was a very difficult time, as her husband nearly lost his life after a failed surgery, and post-surgery complications, to include a life-threatening infection. Mrs. Dean attributes her unwavering faith in God, her village, her tribe – the support and love of her family, church family and friends as the rock she stood on to conquer her battles.

Knowing first-hand how the power of a tribe can help someone overcome battles has ignited Mrs. Dean’s vision of her Therapeutic Coaching Model.


In 2020, Donna was laid off, due to the pandemic, alongside millions of Americans. The celebration of her many victories and overcoming her many battles led Mrs. Dean to this moment. Instead of returning to Corporate America after a very successful 25+ year career path, she chose to reach back and help others up the mountain. She chose to help people and companies rise to thrive above their challenges.

SOURCE: Donna Dean Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC

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