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KIRKSVILLE, MO / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / The rise of renewable energy sources has ushered in a revolution of clean and environment-friendly alternatives to keep the lights on. While the trend has seen its share of growth in the past years, the industry still needs a boost as a whole. And helping solar companies dominate their market is the marketing agency Guard Digital.

As a company that provides online advertising and marketing strategy consultancy, Guard Digital has a track record of delivering results to its clients. The agency focuses on a handful of very focused niches. This approach ensures that they focus on finding winning tactics for selected companies and diving deep into each industry. In other words, they specialize in a few things and do them extremely well.

The advertising and marketing company has found its wheelhouse in helping solar companies exponentially grow their business by finding clients online. Guard Digital uses the latest technologies and approaches to Facebook advertising to help clients in the renewable energy space attract and convert online leads through paid and sponsored posts, content marketing, and automated funnels.

But unlike most digital marketing agencies, Guard Digital takes pride in its unconventional strategy that Eric Wang formulated to boost customer acquisition of their clients’ businesses. Instead of solely focusing on lead generation, the company has a full funnel approach. Guard Digital partners with its clients and ultimately collaborates with all sides of the client acquisition process from lead generation to appointment booking.

What sets the advertising agency apart is creating complete end-to-end experiences in their online marketing funnels. They don’t just create leads. They bring those leads through a proven system that qualifies them and then sets appointments with the right customers. In total, Guard Digital has generated tens of thousands of solar in-home appointments after investing over $100,000 in testing different strategies.

Guard Digital started in the alarm system lead generation space. They worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, including corporate ADT and Canada’s biggest alarm dealer. But after seeing the rise and further potential in the solar energy market, the marketing agency made a shift and learned all it could about the solar industry and how to drive results for players in the field.

The rise of solar energy has dramatically improved the way the nation lessens its carbon footprint. Reports show that American solar power has offset over 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. As Guard Digital continues helping solar energy companies grow their reach and results, it hopes to play its part in saving the environment from the harmful effects of more hazardous power sources and increasing sustainability efforts.

Heading up Guard Digital is the e-commerce and marketing expert, Eric Wang. The Kirksville, Missouri-based innovator started his entrepreneurial journey when he was only fifteen years old, running ads for his family business. All in all, Eric Wang and Guard Digital have a solid track record and have helped solar companies gain an additional five installs in the first 30 days.

Today, the marketing and advertising agency applies his knowledge and experience to the digital advertising space to help companies grow in metrics that matter, which results in a stronger presence and digital brand. With its digital marketing and online advertising experience, Guard Digital has helped various solar companies reach more households in the United States and beyond. In the coming years, the advertising company looks to expand into new demographics and locations for solar companies and other more hyper-focused niches that they serve.

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