How FlyBy Auto Transport Rises to the Top of Its Competitive Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / Amid the heavily competitive and saturated auto transport market, it all boils down to a company’s reliability and performance, leading people to give their trust. It’s a tough venture, as a company is entrusted with their clients’ valuable cars. Still, FlyBy Auto Transport has delivered unparalleled service in the market, providing guaranteed solutions to its customers.

FlyBy Auto Transport is an auto transport company focused on catering to clients with the utmost quality at the lowest cost possible. The company strives to provide car shopping needs for customers across the country, ensuring that their vehicles are safe before, during, and after the trip.

FlyBy Auto Transport recognizes the importance automotive vehicles play in their clients’ lives, and the company feels an immense responsibility in taking a major role in their journey. Whether individuals are moving across cities or states or car companies needing sound logistic solutions, the company is equipped to serve everybody. Known for its exceptional customer service, FlyBy is truly a force in the industry.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Azizi expressed that he feels motivated to serve each one of his clients. “Anybody can call me and I will be more than happy to transport vehicles for them,” shared the entrepreneur. Over the years, his service has gained the trust of various dealerships and large-volume shoppers. Their collaborations are a product of hard work and dedication, which the CEO nurtures over time.

FlyBy Auto Transport goes above and beyond the standard auto transport service by putting care into their work. This particular value has allowed them to eclipse their competition in the market and secure a lasting relationship with their clients. The company has proven that its niche service is worth emulating, and they are reshaping the auto transport industry, one client at a time.

Additionally, FlyBy Auto Transport pays its success forward by donating 10% of its profits to various charitable organizations. Asked what motivated Jonathan to do so, the CEO shared that he was inspired by the life his father led as an entrepreneur. He came from a humble family of immigrants from Iran. Jonathan’s parents escaped to the United States to build a better life outside of Iran’s “intolerant regime.”

“It was hard for them to work because of a significant language barrier,” said the CEO. “But hard work and late nights enabled my father to eventually open a successful grocery store in Santa Monica,” he added. Today, his father has scaled his business venture into an establishment with over 50 employees. Through the success of his store, Jonathan’s father gives back to his community. The act of kindness and mentality inspired the CEO to do the same as FlyBy Auto Transport grows into a national brand.

“Believe in yourself and give back to those who give to you. If you do this, you will become successful,” shared Jonathan. Asked what he envisions for FlyBy Auto Transport in the next couple of years, the CEO said that he wants to serve more clients in all 52 states and expand his company’s horizons globally to create more jobs and simultaneously lift economies.

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