John Seckel and His Team at Exclusive Marketing Agency Are Changing Marketing, and It’s Working

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2020 / Exclusive Marketing Agency (EMA) was founded three years ago by serial entrepreneur John Seckel. The company was established to help small and medium business owners achieve financial freedom and the right work/life balance that they deserve, for a fraction of the cost of having internal marketing teams or hiring other marketing agencies. EMA does all of this through successful digital marketing campaigns and by utilizing a team of experts and key strategies to help their clients scale their businesses.

“We attach to a small or medium business as their marketing department within 48 hours and try our best to make an immediate impact. It’s a closer type of partnership where we want our clients to feel like we’re a part of their business. Almost like employees,” says John Seckel.

EMA offers its clients a full suite of affordable marketing strategies as well as an in-house team that guides small and medium businesses toward growth and success. John Seckel expresses that for a budding business, the most difficult thing is to capture a loyal customer base and to differentiate themselves from competitors. John Seckel says, “It takes careful research, planning and strategy to be able to connect with a consumer online without talking with them.” Fortunately, EMA has all the tools of the trade, and they’re willing to share this information with their trusted clients.

EMA is the first company of its kind to offer an “All-in-One” Plug and Play Marketing Department that works directly with any business and attaches itself within 48 hours. Their clients will be equipped with a full team consisting of experts taking on the roles of project manager, strategists, creative directors, and an entire marketing department to handle all their clients’ marketing needs.

For first-time clients that are reluctant to work with EMA and are unaware of their proven track record, they offer a 30-day risk-free trial for their talents and services. Clients will receive a full refund of all the fees that they’ve paid to the company if they are not satisfied with the services once 30 days have passed.

John Seckel has built an amazing company with EMA with dozens of team members. The company’s passion for helping others is evident in the way that they handle their clients with a sense of trust and partnership. They hope to foster strong client relationships and build trust among their clients as they work in direct partnership with them. Led by entrepreneurs that have walked the walk and not just talked the talk, the company is taking the digital marketing world by storm.

Founder John Seckel himself has seen a lot of success as a serial entrepreneur who has built a lot of 8-figure business throughout his entire career. Through EMA, he shares his start-up methods, knowledge, growth tactics, and marketing expertise to their various clients. John himself has been a part of teams that have gone from zero dollars all the way billion of dollars. So there’s absolutely no doubt that he can help small to medium businesses succeed through his methods.

They’re not just in it for the business; John Seckel himself has expressed that he wants EMA to grow to a point where the company will have the capacity to give back to the community and create a significant positive impact. They want to give back to children in need and to budding entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to find some footing in the industry.

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