Transactional Emails to Become Fast, Efficient and Easy-to-Use by Non-Tech Team: The Remote Company Launches MailerSend Tool

The Remote Company content manager Jonas working remotely. ©The Remote Company

The Remote Company, known for its intuitive email marketing tools like MailerLite, has released a new service that helps businesses create and manage transactional emails. MailerSend’s flexible infrastructure makes it easy to handle any load, while their team-friendly tools enable businesses to work smarter.

November 11, 2020. Transactional emails are an essential part of communication between businesses and people they interact with. Currently, the process of creating transactional messages involves time-consuming work for both developers and marketing teams. Every request and change from various teams must go through the development team, which causes bottlenecks and slower workflows. MailerSend intends to make transactional emails a team sport by empowering the non-technical team to contribute.

MailerSend was born from over ten years of email deliverability experience led by a group of seasoned email marketing software professionals. The team behind it took all the features that one would expect in transactional email service and reimagined the user experience to make the entire process a smarter and more efficient team sport.

Transactional emails are the glue that holds the digital ecosystem together. They are the automated emails that are triggered by events or interactions within a service, website, or app. Transactional email examples include confirmations after paying a bill, resetting a password, or signing up for a new subscription, etc. They communicate mundane yet important information that people need when they make a transaction.

MailerSend will be a new kind of transactional email service that is designed with intuitive tools like a drag & drop editor so the entire team can create and send emails without coding. 

Instead of developers doing all the implementation work, the product and marketing teams can now join in and create, as well as manage the emails themselves.

“The current software tools used for setting up transactional emails make the whole process quite burdensome. They usually require a workflow that goes through the technical teams for maintenance and managing changes. The development team spends their valuable time programming repetitive tasks that can be automated. We are happy to finally share MailerSend, a tool that will solve many issues related to transactional emails,” says Ignas Rubežius, CEO of The Remote Company. “The tool is flexible and designed with everyday users in mind. Now the whole team can join in, see the analytics, and optimize the process as needed.”

Whether sending a promotional email, a confirmation message, or even a password reset email, personalization of the content is what counts. Although the process of personalizing emails can be tedious, it is a crucial step in connecting with customers. 71% of consumers claim a personalized experience would influence their decision to open and read brand emails while marketers report a 760% increase in email revenue from personalized campaigns.

The MailerSend service was designed with personalization from day one. It has powerful tools such as custom fields and dynamic templates with content that changes automatically based on the recipient. The flexible sending infrastructure enables businesses to send a few emails or scale to a few million. MailerSend also includes a wide range of real-time, advanced analytics that shows the entire team what works and what needs optimizing.

ABOUT MailerSend: 

MailerSend is a transactional email service designed for collaboration across different teams. Intuitively-designed so anyone can contribute, while an advanced infrastructure and flexible payment plans let you scale sendings quickly. Built by deliverability experts to ensure your emails get delivered. Real-time analytics help you learn and optimize.

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