Tributary Systems, Inc. Announces Introduction of Storage Director Cloud™

BEDFORD, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tributary Systems, Inc. today announced Storage Director Cloud™ enterprise cloud backup solution on IBM’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system. The new Storage Director Cloud is designed to be a cloud native backup solution running on AWS as well as any private and hybrid cloud of a managed service provider (MSP). Importantly, the use of RHEL augments the already strategic business partnership Tributary Systems has with IBM.

Forming the technological cornerstone of Storage Director Cloud is Tributary Systems’ Storage Director®, a proven on-premise, software-defined, scalable and tiered enterprise data backup solution developed for all enterprise computing platforms employing Windows®, Linux®, VMware, IBM AIX, IBM Power i/iSeries and HP NonStop™ operating systems. In addition, Storage Director is compatible with TSM/Spectrum Protect, NetBackup, Commvault, Veeam, BRMS and all other enterprise backup applications. Architected and developed on the already proven Storage Director software-defined backup virtualization platform, the Storage Director Cloud will run in public and private clouds and will feature an iSCSI frontend interface allowing for cloud native data backups as well as backup of on-premise data using Storage Director Cloud running in AWS.

The Storage Director Cloud enhanced feature set includes:

  • Timely RHEL security patches and operating system releases, managed by IBM RedHat
  • Support for both Fiber Channel and iSCSI connectivity, allowing Cloud Native functionality
  • Enhanced back-end tiering capabilities to IBM Spectrum Protect in addition to NAS, object storage and tape targets
  • Separate data backups can be managed on a single deployment of Storage Director with advanced multi-instance management with multi-tenancy
  • Stand Alone instances of virtual drives can be maintained on a single Storage Director server


Tributary Systems’ CEO Shawn Sabanayagam said, “Storage Director Cloud is a unique solution designed for the evolving needs of our enterprise customers to migrate data to public cloud while maintaining flexibility to also backup data from on-premise workloads with automated tiering.”

Initial rollout of Storage Director Cloud will take place in North America, with plans for global deployment immediately thereafter. Storage Director Cloud will be sold to customers directly by Tributary Systems as well as through existing and new partner/reseller networks.

About Tributary Systems

Tributary Systems, Inc. (founded in 1990) develops, markets and supports Enterprise Data Protection Solutions including backup, restore, archive, remote replication and disaster recovery for high availability enterprise computing environments. Tributary’s fully integrated solutions are designed for the most demanding backup storage environments running mission critical applications on both proprietary and open enterprise computing platforms. Tributary Systems has served over 3500 customers worldwide through its global network of OEM and reseller partners.

For more information, visit, or call Matt Allen, Sales Director, at 713-492-7434.


Matt Allen

Sales Director


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