3 Webinars To Help Your Business Thrive In These Difficult Times

The current Covid pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on how we live and work. With lockdown restrictions in place, many companies have been forced to implement new working practices, most obviously by empowering employees to work from home.

For the most part, this shift has been positive. Teams have continued to be productive, and there are huge environmental and work/life benefits to be gained from the lack of a commute. But there are a number of downsides to working remotely: the lack of human interaction that so often sparks creativity and great ideas, potential cybersecurity threats from staff accessing company servers remotely, and the difficulty of keeping staff in the loop and up-to-date with projects, product developments, and company information. 

The good news is that a new generation of companies has stepped up to the plate to address and overcome these potential downsides. These innovative companies not only help to improve staff productivity, interaction, efficiency, and morale – they also ensure that corporate networks and resources stay secure in the face of cybersecurity threats. Zoom, Perimeter 81, and Monday.com are all excellent examples of software companies who have responded brilliantly to the practical, sociological, business, and technological challenges posed by Covid 19. 

Their superb solutions actively focus on business-critical issues, and just as importantly, are home to an impressive range of safety features: as an example, all three companies offer solutions that are compatible with two-factor authentication (2FA), which provides an additional level of security protection

Read on to learn more about these market-leading pioneers, and click on the links for recent webinars from each company.

Twelve months ago, it’s fair to say that most people hadn’t even heard of Zoom. But now everyone knows the company, and a Zoom-call has become a phrase in its own right, thanks to the company’s clever, cloud-based approach to teleconferencing. Zoom delivers a cost-effective solution that is high on features and low on infrastructural requirements. Moreover, Zoom’s commitment to security is underscored by its purchase in May 2020 of Keybase, a specialist in end-to-end encryption.

Of course, video conferencing systems like Skype have been with us for many years, but Zoom took things to the next level, with brilliant features like screen-sharing, whiteboards, recording, and the ability to organize webinars. All of that said, however, the best thing about Zoom is not so much all the bells and whistles – rather, it’s what you can do with the technology that makes it such a useful and popular tool. Zoom is enabling companies to survive and even thrive during the pandemic, with an elegant solution that is user-friendly, productive, cost-effective, and secure.

In just two short years, Perimeter 81 has established itself as a leading player in the area of cloud and network security. Seasoned market observers like Gartner and Frost & Sullivan have both marked out the company as “one to watch”, whilst Deloitte also recognized it as one of the top 500 fastest-growing tech companies in the world. And why are they all so excited about Perimeter 81?

The success of Perimeter 81 lies in its cloud-based approach to network security. The company offers a user-centric and software-based solution, as opposed to the traditional site-centric and hardware-based methodology. With Perimeter 81, all security measures are combined into one place, making network protection simpler, faster, better, and easier. Covid 19 continues to change the business and working dynamic, with increasing numbers of home workers and roaming users using VPNs to access company data and resources. And that means that Perimeter 81 is perfectly placed to help companies guard against cybersecurity threats, at the same time as enhancing VPN performance and reducing overall hardware costs.

Alongside secure, remote access to corporate networks, possibly the biggest challenge companies have faced during the current pandemic is project management. How can remote employees work together as a team, sharing ideas, developing projects, hitting milestones and deadlines, and not duplicating the work of others? The answer is to use a dedicated project management tool, and the increasingly popular Monday.com is one of the very best! 

Monday.com is a fantastic example of a company that has responded positively to all the negativity surrounding Covid 19. There are plenty of other task management tools available, but Monday.com stands out with its flexibility, customizability, ease of use, and visual approach. In addition, the web and mobile app are particularly well-suited to these challenging times. As well as helping companies to manage projects, tasks, teams, and goals, Monday.com adheres to all the latest ISO standards around security. And as with Zoom, it’s in the “soft” benefits where Monday.com really scores: that intangible, rewarding magic that springs from teams working together seamlessly, productively, creatively, and effectively.

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