Balancing Privacy and Security for Remote Workers

By Bogdan Odulinski, VP Strategy & Business Development, Solve iQ

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically grown the number of remote workers worldwide. Businesses had no way of being prepared for this virtual shift and now workers face continuous IT support issues in an ever-growing, sophisticated PC landscape. The lines between personal and professional privacy have also been blurred, with Americans switching from personal Gmail, to work applications like Slack and Outlook. While it’s helpful that so many people can work remotely, IT directors are struggling to keep up with end-user and end-point support because there is no longer a division between personal and work technology. 

Now that remote workers are switching between personal and work applications all day, traditional on-premise IT support resources aren’t reliably protecting network infrastructures. More organizations are needing real-time improvements across all major PC-based applications to resolve common issues with a combination of targeted updates and solutions to common problems. Solve iQ is an independent service provider that keeps users productive and focused by optimizing the apps they are focused on, protecting them from unwanted apps or websites harboring malware that will slow systems down, and providing the right device updates that will keep them productive.

It’s not enough to simply schedule system scans and provide patch updates for PCs, especially with so many people working from home today. Now workers require that their devices deliver the productivity promised to them by their IT service providers. Going far beyond the ability to automatically optimize apps, protect performance, and detect missing updates and repairs for both consumers and businesses, Solve iQ is a sophisticated IT support on-demand utility for users of any PC competence level. Solve iQ’s focus is to improve productivity and experiences that consumers and small businesses care about most while creating additional value to their OEM partners, technology service providers and their respective customers. 

While the threat to networks and data is a daily growing concern, IT support teams are challenged to handle the deluge of security requests for all remote workers. All of Solve iQ’s new solutions include a generally ignored facet of endpoint security protection and privacy enhancements. Deceptive app protection provided by AppEsteem stops low reputation actors from loading or installing on PCs which provides additional protection on top of traditional anti-virus solutions. DNS web browsing and system protection provided by Quad9 keeps browsing private and safe from phishing and malware websites looking to steal user information and violate privacy often at the expense of performance. To further improve on the browsing experience in the coming year, customers also will be provided access to Solve iQ PageBoost, an optional browser extension that effectively speeds up web page load times by blocking unwanted ads and tracking scripts. Not only will users have more confidence when browsing online, they’ll experience better browser responsiveness.  

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