A Seattle-Based Startup Launches a Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Solution (MVS)

  • Signetic MVS is meant to scale to hundreds of thousands of vaccine registrations
  • Built-in partnership with healthcare workers with decades of experience
  • Targeted features to increase the efficiency of clinicians and administrators

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / January 6, 2021 / Local health officials across the country are scrambling to get ready for COVID-19 vaccine deployment. Among other issues, they are scrambling to find technology solutions that can handle the logistics of scheduling patients and nurses and integrating with state reporting requirements. Signetic, a startup out of Seattle, Washington, has launched a system that is battle-tested and is being currently used by Snohomish County in Washington in its efforts to roll out Phase 1 vaccination plans. One of the healthcare workers on the ground said, “We are killing it with this system. There are absolutely no wait times and the tablet app is so easy to use.” Lukas Svec, VP of Digital Transformation at Signetic, said, “We were able to get them set up, operational within a week, and we couldn’t be more proud of how we have been able to help the local officials that have so much to do over the coming months.”

The Signetic MVS has many desirable features, like an easy-to-use patient registration site, state reporting integrations, multi-site support, mobile and tablet apps for clinicians, and a team ready to customize local- or state-level screening criteria. Data is stored in a Signetic HIPAA-protected cloud built on top of Microsoft Power Platform. Chandika Bhandari, founder of Signetic, said, “We can get an organization up and running within three days, and fully customized in three weeks. Most importantly, they can start accepting patient registration in days and we can scale to as many sites as needed, anywhere in the world. We are so fortunate to get an opportunity to help in this noble cause.”

The Signetic MVS is also highly configurable for each organization’s environment isolated from the next. In-depth workflow models for administering currently approved Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are available for any system. These customizations will allow future vaccine regimes to be part of the data workflows.

Signetic is not just a software solution but an entire team with on-the-ground knowledge of how to administer vaccines efficiently. Jake Scherf, CEO of SVNA (Seattle Visiting Nursing Association), and his team have been administering vaccines for more than a decade. Along with the Signetic team, they are helping local municipalities adopt operational best practices drawing upon their significant experience. Scherf said, “Seattle Visiting Nurse Association is the largest community immunizer in Washington State. This year, we protected more than 40,000 patients from the flu and we have been doing this since 2009.”

Signetic is currently involved in conversations with many local officials in the state of Washington as well as internationally.

Name of Press Contact: Lukas Svec
Phone: 1 425-894-9610
Email: vaccines@signetic.com
Website: https://www.signetic.com/covid

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