Good Neighbors & Kia Motors Conducts GLP Project in Mai Chau, Vietnam

“Establishing a sustainable recycling system… Improving the local community environment and helping residents to become independent.”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2021 / Good Neighbors, an international humanitarian development NGO, collaborates with Kia Motors to carry out a “Green Light Project” (GLP) to improve the environment of local communities in Vietnam and help people become independent.

GLP, which started in 2012, is a global social contribution program of Kia Motors that helps African and Asian residents become independent from one-off support.

In the Mai Chau area of ​​Vietnam, environmental pollution is progressing rapidly due to reckless dumping and incineration of garbage. Although the local government operates one garbage disposal system, only six of the Mai Chau administrative districts collected garbage with one 3.5-ton garbage collection vehicle.

Since July of last year, Good Neighbors and Kia Motors began to build a GLP waste disposal center in Mai Chau, 140 km from the capital Hanoi.

Three additional portable garbage collection vehicles were deployed, and a plastic recycling system, drying station, and sorting system were installed to create a sustainable garbage disposal structure. Through this, the garbage collection area will be expanded from 6 to 12 regions, and the amount of garbage collection and disposal per day has increased by more than double.

Good Neighbors, an international humanitarian development NGO, is carrying out a “Green Light Project (GLP)” in cooperation with Kia Motors to improve the environment and self-reliance of local communities in Vietnam. Children at Pieng Ve Elementary School are painting the rides to be placed in the upcycling playground, a part of Vietnam’s environmental improvement project.

Two elementary schools in the Mai Chau area provided space for local children by installing upcycling playgrounds with a car concept that recycled tires and car bodies. Education was also conducted to improve environmental awareness so that local residents and children can live in a hygienic environment. It has also launched a project to increase the income of local residents by producing products that recycled waste.

A Kia Motors official said, “We are pleased to have recently completed the GLP Garbage Disposal Center as part of an environmental improvement project in Mai Chau, Vietnam,” and said, “We hope that the center will play a leading role in solving sustainable environmental issues so that local residents and children can live comfortably and safely.”

Hwang Seong-ju, head of the Good Neighbors Fundraising & Marketing Division, said, “We plan to support local residents to directly operate mobility projects related to garbage disposal centers and collection vehicles in the future.” “Continuous monitoring will be carried out to preserve the beautiful nature and living environment for future generations.”


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