Jam Press Hire News and Lifestyle Editor and Expand Further into PR

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2021 / Newsagency Jam Press have hired full-time News and Lifestyle Editor, Almara Abgarian, and are expanding the PR side of their business with new services on offer for clients in 2021.

Jam Press is the fastest growing UK-based news agency working with the biggest names in publishing and collaborating with content creators around the world to generate a steady stream of viral news. Their professional team of journalists strives to source, create, and distribute hundreds of news stories weekly. The agency’s young dynamic team draws on over 20 years of experience working in national news to ensure stories reach the biggest audience possible. Jam Press has a talent for conceiving the most alluring headlines alongside images that compel individuals to click that coveted share button. The news agency is best known for producing gripping online entertainment and lifestyle stories that readers just can’t resist.

Jam Press was formed four years ago by partners Ben Nicholls and Jody Knowles, who met whilst working at the Daily Mail together. The idea came from their years of journalistic experience and understanding of what modern news craves; eye-catching, captivating content that provokes conversation. Born in print, raised in digital, and fed on social: Jam Press is consistently producing news for the people.

Today, Jam Press are an ever-growing machine, with talented journalists joining the team. In October, the agency hired new full-time News and Lifestyle Editor, Almara Abgarian. Almara Abgarian, 31, is a BAME journalist and broadcaster who specialises in lifestyle topics and social issues, previously writing for national and consumer press across the UK such as Metro.co.uk, Stylist, Independent, Huff Post UK, The Sun Online and many more. She has frequently appeared on BBC Radio London and BBC Asian Network, as well as BBC5 Live, Love Sport Radio, Heart and more. Almara also does the weekend news review for Times Radio on a regular basis and is an expert voice in the sex and relationships sector, frequently commenting on this topic in the press. Ben believes bringing Almara in to lead his team is one of the company’s greatest achievements. Almara’s work as a guiding hand for young journalists has already led to her sourcing some of the greatest stories to hit headlines this year.

Along with hiring new talent, Jam Press is further developing by expanding into the PR market. Throught 2021 the agency will be offering multiple PR packages for individuals, brands, and entrepreneurs who crave the notoriety that comes with hitting headlines. Jam Press’ unique blend of paid PR and editorial prowess make them unparalleled in the coverage they can provide.

With thousands of stories published in global outlets this year, Jam Press is predicting 2021 to bring major success across both PR and editorial departments. The dynamic news agency consistently has their finger on the pulse of the news and entertainment industry – knowing exactly the stories real people want to read and boosting them with striking images and video. Not only do they want to create an impressive environment for young budding journalists and creators, but they’re also striving to be one of the leading UK news agencies. And with original stories published by thousands and read by millions – Jam Press is set to become just that.


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