MJ Consulting Group to Provide Morehouse College Seniors With Credit Fixing Services

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2021 / Many Americans face financial problems due to low credit scores, often leading to debt, poverty, and even homelessness in severe cases. On a mission to help struggling individuals and families with credit woes, MJ Consulting Group has partnered with Morehouse College to provide credit consultation to college seniors of the institution this 2021.

A historically-black college, Morehouse takes pride in providing minorities, especially members of the black community, more significant opportunities to uplift their way of life and that of their families. As a way of carrying on that calling, the educational organization has penned a partnership with MJ Consulting Group, a credit repair company that hails from Atlanta.

MJ Consulting began through Malik Hall’s efforts, a credit repair consultant who aims to educate and empower millennials by helping them understand the importance of credit scores and how it affects their financial lives. The company’s CEO started his credit repair journey back when he was attempting to fix his own credit. Amidst facing financial and personal struggles, the entrepreneur worked hard to reach his goals and successfully repaired his credit in record time. “After I understood what I was doing, I reached out to different creditors and got three major credit bureaus to remove the negative items found in my credit report,” Malik recalls. “I hated how embarrassed and down I felt when I was going through that. Since I was able to overcome that obstacle, I knew that I wanted to help others overcome theirs.”

Credit is a vital aspect of a person’s financial health. The credit score is often the basis of many important financial decisions that banks and other finance bodies make, such as loan rates, job readiness, and even rental approval. This realization is what brought about the founding of MJ Consulting Group.

With the company’s recent partnership with Morehouse College, MJ Consulting hopes to put the soon-to-be professionals in a better position to excel and grow by teaching them all they need to know about credit scores and everything related to credit. Many college students go off to a bad financial start due to the lack of financial education that our current system has. In addition, most college graduates enter the workforce with debt, making it hard to move forward and pursue their dreams and aspirations.

As someone who’s been in that position, Malik Hall understands the debilitating effects of bad credit scores. His company has mastered the art of building good credit, helping a multitude of clients with credit scores of anywhere between zero to 750. The company rests on the value of financial education. It holds on to the belief that everyone can reach financial freedom with the right guidance. Malik finds his strength most in the happiness and peace that clients experience through his services.

MJ Consulting Group currently serves clients all across the United States and has also penetrated the Canadian market in recent times. To learn more about MJ Consulting and Malik Hall, visit their Instagram profile.

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