OpSec Introduces Lisa Arrowsmith, Chief Product Officer

London, GBR, January 21, 2021 – OpSec Security, Inc., the global leader in physical and digital anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, is today announcing the appointment of Lisa Arrowsmith, Chief Product Officer, as the newest member of its Executive team. 

As OpSec Security’s Chief Product Officer, Lisa is responsible for delivering best-in-class products and services across the company’s comprehensive Online and On-product Solutions offerings. She is also responsible for embedding customer-centric design into the product roadmap and supporting OpSec Security in delivering Protection and Authentication Solutions that completely satisfy its customers’ brand protection strategies.

Arrowsmith joins OpSec Security following senior leadership and product management positions with global technology and B2B data companies such as Omdia and IHS Markit, where she was responsible for strategy development, product and platform integration, and customer-driven product design, serving clients across diverse industries, including software, display technologies, consumer electronics, media, service providers and platforms.

Arrowsmith comments, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with OpSec Security’s industry leading product and service offerings – and to harness OpSec’s existing and new capabilities to deliver integrated product solutions. As a member of the executive team, I’m looking forward to contributing to the company’s growth strategy and to build upon our ability to lead innovation in the Brand Protection and Product Authentication industry.”

Dr. Selva Selvaratnam, CEO, OpSec Security said, “Lisa’s experience and product management knowledge continues our journey to strengthen our leadership team, and our commitment to be the most advanced and innovative company in our industry. Lisa’s background completely fits in with our core values of customer first focus and delivering exceptional service. She will play a critical role in continuing our mission to design and deliver the highest quality solutions for our current and future clients.”

About OpSec Security

OpSec Security has a long-standing history of delivering to global brands, institutions, and governments the most innovative and highest quality Brand Protection and Product Authentication Solutions that ensure the integrity of our customers’ brands, products, and services. In a world of rising fraud and counterfeit substitutes, we are the layer of truth that powers trusted relationships between customers and their customers. This is only possible through our unique combination of proven Online and On-Product Brand Protection and Product Authentication experience, deep industry expertise, the market’s broadest range of solutions, and a commitment to forward thinking innovation. For more information please visit www.opsecsecurity.com. Follow OpSec Security on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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