Rae Serbeck Uses Fashion as a Way to Give Back to the Community Through His Newly-Launched Company Witness Me Clothing

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2021 / Taking his passion for fashion to a whole new level, Rae Serbeck is channeling his humanitarian endeavors through his love for clothing as he launches an entirely non-profit apparel company, Witness Me Clothing. Today, the rising model-CEO is excited to partner and collaborate with local charities who have been at the forefront in helping people and communities in need.

Rae Serbeck is an internationally-published model, upcoming film and voice actor, published writer, founder, and CEO of Witness Me Clothing Company. His modeling career started in 2017 when he was invited to model for the Utah Fashion Show by L.A. Talent. He worked as a runway model for eight months before venturing into apparel modeling for local companies where he modeled for fitness wear, sunglasses, men’s jewelry, and shoe brands. In December 2019, he landed his first-ever magazine publication for Inspired Magazine’s January Issue. At the end of 2020, he has been published in 19 international and national magazines. On top of this, he is also a published writer in the international humanitarian magazine “Elixir by Royel,” where his articles have been published three times, with a fourth one coming soon.

After working his way to the top in the modeling industry, Rae Serbeck landed an acting job for Robbie Tripp’s “Luka Doncic” music video in 2020. Since then, he has caught the attention of several producers and has had several leads and supporting roles in various films featured in film festivals. Aside from this, the philanthropic model is also a rising voice actor, currently working on projects for video games, audiobooks, and other media.

At present, Rae Serbeck is most excited about launching his non-profit apparel company, Witness Me Clothing. Essentially, the company hopes to give back to the community through its sales while highlighting the foundations that have helped in the cause. Every month, the brand will drop three to four pieces of exclusively-designed apparel. It will also work with a new charity foundation every month to extend help to more people. The company is purely founded on his hard work, dedication, and passion. With this in mind, the rising model-actor prides himself in being hands-on regarding the designs. The company then takes care of the clothing material expenses, and absolutely 100% of every cent not used to take care of that small expense will completely go to charity.

Indeed, Witness Me Clothing Co. is where the model’s passion for clothes fashion meets his ultimate philanthropic vision. “It is fully non-profit. Not even I will keep a single cent of the profit for my own use. Every cent that someone spends on any piece of clothing goes straight to the monthly charity we are partnering with,” shares Rae Serbeck. Currently, the brand is still in its start-up phase. However, it is set to have its first full-month clothing launch in August 2021. In the future, he hopes to take his projects to the next level and work with established clothing brands that share similar advocacies.

To know more about Rae Serbeck and Witness Me Clothing Co., please visit his official website. You may also check him out on Instagram for more updates.

Company: Witness Me Clothing Co.
Email: Serbeck.Rae@gmail.com
Phone number: (801) 664 6312
Website: RaeSerbeck.com; @raeserbeck_modeling

SOURCE: Witness Me Clothing Co.

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