The Iconic Agent Reveals a Simple Strategy to Following Up With Real Estate Leads Via Email

RIVERVIEW, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / Damon Greene, founder of The Iconic Agent , recently released a new tutorial video that details how to implement real estate email follow up with limited effort. Greene and The Iconic Agent team are paving the way with a unique system showing realtors how to market new construction homes. Throughout Greene’s training, New Construction Marketing Mastery, he emphasizes the importance of consistent follow up through emails and phone contact to close more deals.

Greene’s video tutorial covers several key points for real estate email follow up, which include: How to find email ideas, how to structure follow-up emails, free and paid strategies to have real estate agent’s emails write themselves, email productions tools, and how real estate agents can turn one email into multiple pieces of content through repurposing.

According to The National Association Of Realtors, 93% of realtors prefer to communicate with their clients through email. Greene mentions that many of his clients’ biggest hang-up is inconsistent follow-up. Greene mentions that sending emails frequently, as well as providing value in the email content, is an effective way to stay in touch and follow up with real estate leads. Greene puts heavy emphasis on maintaining regular contact with buyer leads in a realtor’s pipelines so that agents stay fresh in their prospects minds.

Greene stated, “Email is a form of unofficial branding for real estate agents. When leads and prospects regularly see emails from a realtor…and especially when that email provides value, that agent stays top of mind. When the leads and prospects are ready to buy or sell, the agent that stays in touch the most will most likely be the agent they contact. Email follow-up is only part of the battle and it doesn’t have to be hard. In this training video we actually show real estate agents how to have follow up emails write themselves.”

Greene also mentions that healthy follow-up can be as simple as a weekly, biweekly or monthly email communication.

Greene recommends that real estate agents avoid getting overwhelmed with the task of writing emails by taking several days to batch their email content brainstorming, writing, and scheduling to ensure a level of consistency and make follow-up easier.

To begin writing engaging email content Greene states, “The first step is to brain dump all of your ideas on paper or your computer. A good way to get started is to take your most frequently asked questions from clients, whether it is about new construction or general real estate, and use each one of those questions as a topic for email content. Each topic should also have 3-5 subtopics or points. This is a simple way to provide quality content to your prospects and make writing emails almost effortless.”


Greene also shares valuable marketing ideas, tutorials, tips and strategies in the public New Construction Marketing Community for Realtors.

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