Therap Software Offers Suite of Person-Centered Planning Tools

WATERBURY, Conn., Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Therap has risen to the challenge of bringing person-centered planning full circle to provide valuable aggregate data to support provider organizations with value-based funding initiatives. 

Within Therap, person-centered planning is not only visited during annual planning; it is an ongoing process that captures changes in the skills, events, interest, goals or other aspects of an individual’s life in real-time as they occur. This information is then able to be referenced during  the formal annual review while keeping the focus on planning forward without struggling to evaluate progress from preceding years.

Therap’s person-centered planning e-tools have three major development components and excellent reporting:

  • Personal Focus Worksheet
  • ISP Agenda
  • Individual Support Plan

The Personal Focus Worksheet (PFW) is a series of targeted questions and general assessments. For example, the questions focus on personal relationships, interests, dislikes, goals, etc., and the answers are in narrative form. The general assessments are staff and personal friends and relatives describing the individual, descriptions of health, and so on. The PFW is intended to be a living document and the big picture component.

The Individual Support Plan Agenda (ISP Agenda) tracks the ISP Meeting date, ISP Meeting Type, Review Periods, and linked PFWs. The agenda also tracks annual and periodic assessments, progress toward outcomes, required items, and attachments (PDFs and other digital documents). In the past assessing an individual’s progress was a time-consuming task. With Therap the time-consuming assessment of tracking, scoring, and assessing each individual service is done in real time and the scores for each service can be linked to DDO reporting.

The Individual Support Plan is the detailed plan for the coming year. The Individual Support Plan is not overwritten each year or time when it is modified. Individual Support Plans can be Saved, Submitted, Approved, or Deleted based on each user’s role-based security. Once an Individual Support Plan is Approved it will be saved as a historical plan when a new plan is developed. The Individual Support Plans pulls together components of the PFW, ISP Agenda, and the Individual Service Programs (ISPs). In the Individual Support Plans the broad goals of the individual, any risks assessments, and profession or funded ISPs and personal supports are linked into a cohesive plan.

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