Top 7 Technology Trends in 2021 And Beyond

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People will not find it hard to remember 2020 as it seemed a perfect example of a roller coaster ride. Full of risings as well as falls, the pandemic spell made people realize how important it is to stay connected. 

But what actually grabs more of our focus is how effortlessly did technology helped us migrate to a world full of solutions and choices.

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it is hard to imagine life without it. During the past year, exponential growth was observed in technology use. Later, it luckily became one of the best signs for our future generation to become less captivated in times of crisis. 

Since there is no moving back in this tech era, it is healthier to upgrade yourself so that our coming generation can take the best out of technology. Here are some tech trends which can help our youth reap future benefits in the year 2021.

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Top 7 tech trends that will transform the future for millennial

Let’s have a quick look at some of the trendiest technological advancements that will help us in this year.

Trend 1- Digital solutions to produce a digital economy

The concept of the digital economy revolves around the increased use of digital technologies in business and international markets.

Smart devices, smart technology, mobile technology, social platforms, and IoT (Internet of Things) has taken a successful hold of our youth. It has allowed millennials to connect to the business world with ease and convenience, resulting in millions of young minds forming businesses of their own.

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Another way to see it that almost all sectors of the economy, be it financial, agricultural, health, and manufacturing will welcome individuals of digital expertise today as well as tomorrow. The need for going digital is amplifying. Therefore multiple job openings for digital minds will exist in the upcoming years.

Trend 2- Improved Educational and Training practices

Though conventional educational methods have their values, e-learning is gaining popularity because it offers modern and highly effective ways of acquiring knowledge-based learning. 

Fields of education and training are going modern because they are using the internet at its best potential. Well, seems like this is not just our opinion.

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If asked about millennial’s choice, surveys show that 39% or more want e-learning in the workforce to become a major advancement. With this in mind, our institutions and organizations are showing a greater sense of responsibility by letting the youth flourish.

They are doing this by applying e-learning practices in all fields of education so that distance doesn’t matter and learning stays an on-going process for all.

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Trend 3- Smartphones providing Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

Smartphones are the new tech king. With around 3.8 billion smartphone users to reach by the year 2021, UBI is taken to the next level.

Mobile telematics (where communication and information technology works together) now have given access to the insurers to track and collect data about the customers’ driving. This is made accessible through the use of smartphone sensors and tracking devices.

The smart devices get hold of the information which is then used to bring advanced insurance solutions to improve the future safety of drivers.

Many apps, software, and products are now used to analyze driving behavior which can help prevent dangerous incidents. The coming generation has the advantage to use this technology and make improved driving decisions. 

Trend 4- Health, telemedicine, and research to bring effective remedies 

During the start of 2020, quite an upsurge was observed, where reports show a 50% increase in the telehealth visits only in the first quarter of 2020. But this not remained open for Covid-19 patients alone, and many chronic disease patients also received consultations.

With time, an augmented digital perception in medicine leads to the fast growth of telemedicine and telehealth. This enabled many companies and corporations to maintain health and wellness strategies which in turn paved a good path for our youth to get health benefits when employed. This will continue to do the same in the year 2021 and so on.

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Other than this, data collection, analysis, machine learning, intelligent devices, and machine learning are some smart ways to improve the health quality in the future for all.

Trend 5- Modern HR and recruitment processes to find the right talent

In his challenging time, organizations are leaving no way to go modern. Similarly, HR and recruitment departments are going tech-based too.

Organizations are making a big move by acquiring an innovative recruitment process that is going to enhance their working capacity. This way, identification of the talented and eligible individual becomes easier and quicker, which in turn helps youth to get recruited within no time.

Companies relying on customary recruiting processes which then shifted to tech-based recruitment say they find the next best hiring solution. The need for new aptitude is now catered to its fullest. Therefore online interviews and tests are refining the productivity of HR and recruitment departments.

Trend 6- Digital workplace and cloud-based tech 

The first drastic change that the pandemic brought on us was the remote working culture. It was incredible to observe how quickly it spread and made organizations adopt advanced tech practices.

The increase in remote working brought ease and convenience in many organizational fields. With it, grew the use of cloud-based technology because it helped achieve digital workplace transformation and escalation in e-commerce solutions. 

It is believed that by the end of the next two years, three-quarters of the international workforce will be taken over by the millennials. Therefore, our coming generation should learn the fact that digital workplace transformation is quite a healthy future benefit for them all. Crowd Writer UK is one such forum that encourages digital workplace transformation. This transformation has improved their business by three times.

Trend 7- eSports and Gamification 

With about half a billion eSports fans all over the world, studies reveal that there has been a rapid increase in the graph of eSports followers likely to grow by another 10% in the succeeding years.

Accompanied with this information, we also got to know that many faces turned towards gaming, and eSports for the first time during the pandemic. Well, luckily our youth is already in love with it as the US video game market alone reached $90 billion revenue in 2020.

So be it creating games or gaming videos, if you are thinking of investing time in the video gaming industry, now sounds like a good opportunity to take hold of.

Conclusion/ Final Words 

With the evolution in technology all over the world, it might sound like a great idea to choose your ground, get ready and learn the skill to become a tech expert. Although there are many more fields offering encouraging and promising career choices, these top tech trends will be ahead of their time. Millennials will soon be taking over the tech world by showcasing excellence and expertise in every move of life.

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