Water Soluble CBD Products are Now Available from SUPA Naturals LLC

SUPA Naturals Produces High Quality CBD Products from non-GMO Hemp that is Organically Grown in Kentucky

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2021 / The founders of SUPA Naturals LLC are pleased to announce that they are now offering water soluble CBD products that are high in both in potency and quality.

To learn more about the THC-Free Water Soluble CBD Oil Tincture from SUPA Naturals LLC, please check out https://supanaturals.com/product/thc-free-water-soluble-cbd-100mg-natural/.

As a company spokesperson noted, CBD oil is naturally hydrophobic, which means it will not readily mix with water. As a result, when people take a traditional CBD oil product, the stomach, liver and kidneys have to work extra hard to break it down and distribute it throughout the body.

In an on-going effort to bring their valued customers the most easily absorbed and high quality CBD oil products that are currently available, the founders were inspired to offer a water-soluble form of CBD oil that will eliminate the hard work the body must do to transform it into a usable molecule.

“To produce water-soluble CBD, we use a scientific process called nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses sound waves to break down CBD clusters into smaller particles,” the spokesperson noted, adding that these micro-sized particles become small enough to dissolve in water and thus spread through the body much faster.

Even though the water soluble CBD products were launched quite recently, they are already selling very briskly to customers who are pleased to have a THC-free form of CBD oil that is designed to act quickly and deliver health benefits as efficiently as possible.

For instance, the one-ounce bottles of THC-Free Water Soluble Tinctures offer 100mg of high potency and non-psychoactive CBD oil. Each drop contains unflavored THC-free CBD extract that is also grain alcohol-free.

“All the hemp we use is also organically-farmed, pesticide-free, non-GMO, and farmed in the rolling hills of Kentucky, USA,” the spokesperson noted.

About SUPA Naturals LLC:

SUPA Naturals LLC was founded in 2019 by the husband and wife team of Susan and Paul. The name SUPA came from the combination of the first two letters of each of their names, symbolizing their partnership in life and in business. It is also a play on the word “super” and a fitting description for their products. Susan’s journey back to health, after being diagnosed with Lyme disease, led to their discovery of the healing capabilities of CBD. For more information, please visit https://supanaturals.com


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