3 Tips From Wealth Management Advisor, Andrew Rogel, To Help You Take Your Finances to the Next Level

LA JOLLA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / WestPac Wealth Partners started 13 years ago in Hawaii. Fast forward to today, they have a total of 8 offices across six different states and received many awards and recognitions. In 2019, Fortune Magazine recognized WestPac as one of the best places to work, and in 2020 Inc. magazine recognized them as one of the fastest growing companies.

Their ultimate goal is to help their clients have the confidence to take control of their lives and guide them to build a clear path to their financial future.

With all the recognition of being an incredible place to work with a great culture, it’s only natural that the people who work there are pretty amazing too.

Meet Wealth Management Advisor from WestPac Wealth Partners, Andrew Rogel. Andrew’s passion for investments started in college after he took a securities analysis class, and little did he know how much this one class would affect the rest of his life.

“After taking the class, my interest in investments blossomed into my biggest passion. The idea of learning everything possible about investments and how they worked consumed me. I started to trade stocks, and I became fascinated with it. In my senior year of college, I wondered how this passion could turn into a career, and then Westpac Wealth Partners came along. The transition into wealth management made sense for me. I am now able to work with individuals and business owners to guide them to financial clarity,” says Andrew.

Andrew’s passion for investments and his love of connecting with others provide him with the necessary skills to help people with their wealth management, and it allows him to do it well.

“I have built my reputation on going above and beyond for every client. If a client wants to meet at 2:00 am to talk, I am more than willing to meet with them. I pride myself on treating each client like they are my own family.”

Andrew’s loyalty to his clients is substantial. He tries to help everyone who wants his help. He has no minimums, and he doesn’t turn anyone away. “Of course everyone wants the clients that have $10M to invest, but I get true fulfillment in helping people who aren’t sure they can retire, create a plan from A to Z that’ll help them do just that.”

Handling investments is Andrew’s biggest passion. He’s currently taking a Certified Investment Management Analyst course at Yale and talks with his clients for fun about investments. Investments are important, but not for every client. At WestPac, we do planning at a high-level. We consider every detail and make sure everything they’re doing works with our plan for them. It’s kind of like a soccer team, the coach talks to the entire team at halftime. The coach can’t talk to only one or two players, and forget about everyone else. Everyone has to be in sync and know what the plan is.

To help you start out on the right foot or reach the next level, Andrew has three tips for leveling up your financial world.

Tip 1) Be Financially Organized

“Financial organization is the first thing we do for clients. We need every piece of the puzzle to fit together, or else it won’t come together. In my experience, clients tend to have many accounts and don’t know how they fit together. It’s our goal to help clients fully understand their finances. This may sound simple in practice, but when clients sit down with us for the first time 99% of them learn what true financial organization is.”

Tip 2) Protect What You Built

“All of my clients have had great careers, and with this comes significantly high financial obligations most of the time. Often, clients have children and a spouse and don’t realize how to make sure their legacy lives on without them. Most of the time, it causes financial disaster for people. That’s why we focus on making sure everything you have worked so hard for in life can never be taken away from your loved ones. .”

Tip 3) Become a World-Class Saver

“Our goal is to help people save 15-20% of their gross earnings every month. It’s a long process, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but we work together to get there. Why? Because even if you invest, the rate of return on your savings is always going to be more important than your return on investments.” You can save $300 a month and at the end of the year have $3600. Now let’s say you save $100 a month and get a 100% rate of return on your investments (this ROI is unbelievably high) you would still only have $2,400 at the end of the year.

“A lot of people don’t know that if you start contributing to an index fund at a young age, you can set yourself up to retire. Be good with your money, and your money will be good for you.”

When Andrew isn’t working closely with his clients, he’s spending time with his two little ones Alexander and Angel. They are the reason behind everything he does in life.

Andrew loves connecting with people. If you feel like he can be of value to you, check out his website and social media.

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