Accountant and Entrepreneur Mirella Mordoki Offers Insights on Keeping Your Business Organized

FULLERTON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / California-based accountant and entrepreneur Mirella Mordoki was recently featured in an article on Home Business Mag. She provided her insights on the importance of keeping your business organized.

Mirella Mordoki currently works as a controller at the construction company she and her husband founded together. She has a professional background in both accounting and administration, with organization being one of the top skills she possesses.

In the article, Mordoki identified seven key reasons why keeping your business organized is so important.

The article begins by delving into the topic of a proactive workforce. On this topic, Mordoki explained how having a strong organizational structure in place can foster a work environment in which employees can help drive the business forward. She said that when a business owner is disorganized, it is common for their employees to become disorganized too, leading to many problems happening at once.

According to Mirella Mordoki, the second reason why keeping organized is so important for businesses has to do with consumer satisfaction. Mordoki explained that how organized a business is affects the company’s reputation, which can lead to customer service problems. She also explained how organization has a calming influence on everyone in a company, from the business owner to their employees. If businesses want to reduce stress, staying organized is one way to do so, asserted Mordoki.

Later on, Mordoki noted that organization helps mitigate instances of hectic multi-tasking. Although she acknowledged that sometimes multi-tasking is necessary, she said that prioritizing organization can help employees better concentrate on tasks one at a time, preventing them from getting distracted and making mistakes.

She further brought up the practical point of organization being helpful at certain times of year, such as during tax time.

“Organization is essential towards a business’s aim of maintaining a steady financial management program. A capable system monitors receivables and tracks the cash flow, preventing the possibility of unpaid balances,” said Mirella Mordoki.

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About Mirella Mordoki

Mirella Mordoki is an accountant and entrepreneur from Fullerton, California. She is married to Alberto Mordoki and together, they have successfully run several different real estate, dry wall, and construction businesses. Currently, Mirella serves as the controller of the construction business they founded. She also has a strong background in accounting, payroll, finances, and administration.


Mirella Mordoki

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